Can You Bridge a 4-Channel Amp to 1 Subwoofer?

  • on October 5, 2022
Can You Bridge a 4-Channel Amp to 1 Subwoofer?

Spoiler alert (at the very start)… yes you can!
I didn’t want you to wait till the end to know the possibility. Instead, I will utilize that time in clarifying how you can do so.

Four steps

If you own a four-channel amp and one subwoofer, you can have the connection through four steps that will be the highlight of this article (if followed accurately).
Low pass filter Wiring a four-channel amp to one subwoofer requires a Low Pass FIlter on your amplifier.

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It’s because a subwoofer utilises frequencies passed down by the low pass filter.

It will become easy, I promise.

Just some reassurance before going any further in case you needed it; the process may seem a bit critical at first but once you are done with this article and start with the implementation, it becomes super easy.

The number of channels doesn’t matter.

Also, the main process is the same for every channel; the number of channels does not make a difference. If you are familiar with how to bridge a two-channel amp, you can bridge a four-channel amp as well.

What else is the requirement?
Car audio wiring

You should have basic knowledge of car audio wiring and I am not saying to go read about it and then come back here. I’ll enlighten you on that along the way.

1: Locating the speaker wire terminals

The initial step is to locate the terminals of the speaker wires on your amplifier. You will notice four-speaker wire terminals, both positive and negative. Screw-down clamping system Each of the terminals will have a screw-down clamping system that assists to hold the speaker wire in place.

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2: Connecting the positive terminal of channel one to the subwoofer
Wire stripper

Utilize a wire stripper to strip about a half inch of insulation from the ends of the wire. Run speaker wire from the +ve terminal of channel one to the +ve terminal of the first subwoofer. Ensure a secure connection Make sure that the speaker wire is safely clamped down utilising a screwdriver in the amplifier’s terminal.

3: Connecting the – ve terminal of channel two to the subwoofer

Again, utilize a wire stripper to strip about ½ inch of insulation. Run the speaker wire from channel two’s – ve terminal to the first subwoofer’s – ve terminal.
Ensure the connection is safe by tightening the terminal screw-down clamp.

4: Repeat the same steps for channels three and four

Now repeat step one and step two for channels three and four.
Run a speaker wire from the +ve terminal of channel three to the +ve terminal of subwoofer two. Finally, run the speaker wire from channel four’s – ve terminal to subwoofer two’s – ve terminal. Super simple, isn’t it? That’s all for the process of bridging a 4-channel amp to 1 subwoofer.

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