How Far Should I Sit From The 32-Inch Monitor?

  • on August 27, 2022
How Far Should I Sit From The 32-Inch Monitor?

Whether a pro gamer, a professional in another business, or even someone who uses a 32-inch monitor to watch Netflix, we see them in various positions.

Types of positions

We see all sorts of positions from close to far, too high and low, with different angles and tilts.

Do these matter?

Yes, they do because they decide how well you can visually register information on your monitor’s screen.


This article intends to share the research and the information that you fellas will find valuable. According to the research findings, ”Americans have increased in nearsightedness from 25 percent in 1971 to over 40 percent present-day.”

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Another research found, “In East China, almost 90% of teenagers and young adults are nearsighted compared to 10 to 20 % 60 years ago.” 

Eye Health

To be precise, supported by research, we get evidence that eye health depends on the extent of eye strain due to exposure to monitors, books, or anything else.But some aspects make a huge difference; a positive one, of course. How far you sit from your monitor is one such factor.Not only does the distance from the screen influence eye health but eye health influences how far we sit from a monitor of any size. It works both ways. You can be at either stage.

First variable to consider

So the first variable to consider here is how vision works differently for each of us. People like me can’t see either way. My survival depends on glasses. (Sad life)

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You must have noted how I did not underline the monitor size yet as titled; 32-inch monitor. The purpose is to imply that no matter the size, the factors I will cover apply to any monitor size. As for the math part for the 32-inch monitor, I can do that too.But again, that rule is general. For every individual, the eyesight,what you intend to use the screen for, and other aspects differ- and so does the distance from the monitor screen.

The edges matter

The second variable to contemplate when picking the monitor distance is the type of game you will play if your primary concern when buying a monitor or deciding distance from the screen is gaming-oriented, like me. (Yep, Ayesha is back).

For example, real-time strategy games like Starcraft require a more spread vision across the screen, compared to FPS games, where vision is more focused and narrowed on the crosshair radar.

FPS games demand our eyes to focus in and out all over our screens. Refocusing on the edge of the screen and looking back to the crosshair is considerably manageable and less strainful on the eyes when the monitor is further away, compared to if we were super close.Again, it could be different for some people if their vision varies, but that is how it is for the majority.

What happens if the eyes are just a few inches from the screen?

In this case, you will be able to catch the pixel details, which appear to satisfy some gamers but at the cost of missing information on other areas of their screen, in addition to inducing eye strain.


There is, thus, no one rule that fits all situations here. According to your differences and priorities, go with whatever suits you. Eye health should be your main focus when deciding how far to sit from the 32-inch monitor.

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