Do Pellet Smokers Work as Well as Traditional Smokers?

  • on December 21, 2022
Do Pellet Smokers Work as Well as Traditional Smokers?

If you found this article, you are probably in the market for a brand-new smoker and are wondering if you should buy a pellet smoker or should you buy a wood-burning smoker that is a traditional smoker. I will explain the main differences between the two to help you make an informed decision because pellet smokers might work well for some people and not others.

It is not a biased article; let me tell you that.

This article will not try to convince you to buy one over the other. I am just going to explain the pros and cons of each of them so that you know which one to buy for you because each person’s needs are going to be a little bit different.

Ease of use

The most talked about difference and the one that everybody notices first if they have used both is the ease of use. It is far easier to have successful smokes on a pellet smoker when compared to the wood-burning one because of the temperature gauge.

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Why is it easier to use a pellet smoker?

You can set the temperature whatever you want, and it automatically keeps it within about 10 degrees or so of that temperature vs. the wood-burning smoker; you are tending it, not that that’s a bad thing, but you are tending the fire, adjusting chimneys and doors, trying to control the airflow, and constantly watching the temperature gauge to try to keep it right where you want it.

What about a wood smoker?

So there’s way more manual labor in a wood-burning smoker versus the pellet smoker where you set it and almost forget it.

Price difference

The second key difference between these two is the price difference. Z grill smokers are between four and eight hundred dollars depending on what size of one you get, but the real big difference is in the pellets. So a bag of pellets costs between fifteen and fifty dollars depending on where you get it, its size, and its brand. But let’s pretend the average price per bag of pellets is thirty dollars which are not unreasonable. If you are like, I don’t have that much money; you don’t want to spend much money on this smoking thing. Then go with the wood burning.

Success rate

Another factor to consider is the success rate of your smokes, and the winner of that is the pellet smoker. You get way better results with a pellet smoker because you have all this electronic equipment that keeps it around the temperature you want.

Go with the pellet smoker if you want to leave a good impression.

If you are new to smoking or you are interested in, say, having a pool party, you want to have all your friends and family over, and you want to impress them with the amazing ribs and chicken you’re going to cook up, go with the pellet one because your success rate is going to be way higher than on this one. There’s a learning curve for wood-burning smokers. Hopefully, that answers your question if pellet smokers are as good as wood smokers.

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