How Long Will a 40 lb Bag of Pellets Last in a Smoker?

  • on December 18, 2022
How Long Will a 40 lb Bag of Pellets Last in a Smoker?

You’ve come to the right site if you have inquiries concerning pellets and pellet stoves. We have solutions! How long will a 40 lb bag of pellets last in a smoker? We are happy to assist you as you investigate alternative energy usage for heating your house or place of business. Many appliances under the Magnum brand burn various renewable fuels, including wood pellets. It’s likely that the phrase “how long does a 40lb bag of pellets last” refers to wood pellets. However, numerous other types of pellets are made from grass, paper, or a corn-and-wood blend.

So, how long do pellets last in a 40 lb bag?

Let’s assume that everyone is talking about wood pellets. Although 40 lb bags of wood pellets are the most common packaging, you can find them in smaller, heavier, or bulk quantities. It will take more than one 40 lb bag of wood pellets to fill the hopper of a MagnuM Countryside pellet stove. 

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Each pellet stove has a slightly different hopper size, and the larger size allows for longer intervals between fillings. For this illustration, we’ll stick with the MagnuM Countryside, which can hold about two 40-pound bags of pellets or about 75 pounds of fuel. Burn time is a factor in how long a bag lasts. Depending on the weather and their preferences for home heating, homeowners can adjust the heat setting on MagnuM appliances. In a low-moderate setting, 75 pounds of fuel can keep you warm for up to 50 hours.

Factors that Impact the Durability of Pellets

Despite this, pellet grills continue to grow in popularity because of their efficiency and degree of control. When grilling or smoking meat, the following factors will all affect how long your pellets last:

1. The Pellet Grills’ Temperature

Since the amount of heat required to smoke or cook meat can vary greatly, it is only natural that the number of pellets needed and how long your pellets last will vary. More pellets will be required if you want to cook your meat at higher temperatures because pellets burn more quickly at higher temperatures.

2. The Weather

When determining how long your grilling pellets will last, it’s also essential to consider the weather at the time of grilling. To maintain the desired temperature, you will need to use a lot more fuel to operate your pellet grill in the winter.

3. Your pellets’ brand and quality

When no one is looking, most people would instead purchase a less expensive alternative to more expensive pellet grill brands; the same is true of the pellets you use in your grill. You should rethink that after learning more about the variations in quality and consulting professionals.

4. The Grill and Insulation

Finding out more about the topic makes it simple to understand why the type of pellet grill you use will significantly impact how many pellets you use and how long they last. The quality of the pellet grill and the insulation used in its construction also impact your pellets, in addition to the size of the grill itself.

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More extensive research revealed that how you store your grill pellets can significantly impact how long they last. We also received some advice from the pellet experts at Traeger on how to store our wood pellets so that they are ready for use when we need them.

  • Keep your pellets stored in a dry area to prevent moisture from damaging them pellets and preventing them from burning.
  • Do not store the heating pellets in their original pouch or use zip-lock bags.
  • Use an airtight sealed container to prevent any unwelcome elements from affecting your pellets and rendering them unusable.


If you use a pellet grill properly, buying or using one can save you time, effort, and money. However, if you’re not careful, wood pellets can become quite expensive. The lifespan of pellets can be significantly impacted by using low-cost, subpar pellets. In the long run, the taste they produce might cost you more.

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