How Do You Use Projectors on Stage Simultaneously That Show What the Event is About and Show Videos or Pictures in the Background?

  • on February 17, 2023
How Do You Use Projectors on Stage Simultaneously That Show What the Event is About and Show Videos or Pictures in the Background?

Hmmm, event stuff it is then-that makes me super excited, but guess what? If you are unsure of using projectors on stage simultaneously for whatever reason, the answers are not that different from what I wrote in another article. So that makes the job even easier for me. 

Embedding video into PowerPoint slides

The most expected method to do this on a small scale would be embedding video into PowerPoint slides. 


To begin the video with no on-screen display, you need to enable start automatically. 

How can a production crew help?

A production crew would use multiple media devices connected to a video switcher. One computer would slide content while another computer would manage videos. 

The live video feed

The video starts when it is time to present it, and then it gets changed into the live video feed. After the video, the sliding computer is switched back in and the next video can be cued up on the video computer in the background.

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How to embed Vedic in PowerPoint?

There are a few ways to embed Vedic in PowerPoint. 

  • You can use programs that allow scripting, giving you more control.
  • You can also use your arrow keys (basically your keyboard) to navigate. 
  • There are controls and customization, but not too many.

Now I think it is a must to mention some of the features that can help you guys operate the projector efficiently. So here you go people.

1 ) Portable projectors

Portable projectors are super small in size and this feature just adds up to the convenience factor as the user can effortlessly carry them. Also, some projectors even come equipped with a handle that makes them easily moveable.

2 ) Wireless projectors

A wireless projector can receive inputs without any cable plug-ins. So, as a consequence, very few pieces of equipment are required to carry around.

3 ) Laser and LED projectors

Projectors without lamps are more reliable and cost-friendly. So it is much better to go for Laser & LED projectors.

4 ) Short throw projectors

Some projectors come with a short throw, allowing you to deliver in any small area. Thus, getting rid of shadows blocks the light shining on the presenter’s face. I hope this much info is enough to help you solve the issue you might be facing or are avoiding facing in the future. Good luck!

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