Why is Projector Rental the Best Choice for Your Business?

  • on October 9, 2022
Why is Projector Rental the Best Choice for Your Business?

I will share some scenarios that will help answer your query regarding why a projector rental can be the best choice for your business. Only when you know how much renting it costs in specific cases can you decide if it is ideal for you to rent a projector or not. Your query suggests that you have already concluded that it is the best choice, but there can be exceptions as well, and you should be aware of the renting costs; that should be the top priority. This article will cover that.

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How much does it cost to rent for an event?

First, I will clarify how much a projector and screen cost to rent for your event. I understand that event planning can be stressful, and there are different variables involved, but I want to give you a ballpark answer as to how much it will cost and what influences the price of your projector rental.

So how much does it cost to rent a projector for your event? As a general rule, for most events with less than 300 guests, and I say that just the high-end events usually have some special requirements, so it is not fair to include them in this estimate, but a projector and screen rental will cost you anywhere between $150 up to $2,600. That’s a gap, and there are a lot of different variables.

Variables to consider

The three variables are your event’s size, how many guests are at your event, whether or not you’re using an in-house AV company or an outside AV company, and how much ambient light is in your event space. Those three things will determine how much money you need to pay for a projector rental at your event. Now, it’s unfair to talk about projector rental costs without the size of your event.

The size of your event

So what we like to do is talk to you and determine how many guests are coming to your event and what the venue looks like, and then we start with the size of the screen you need. We can’t talk about the projector until the screen size. So here we put together a chart; if you have 50 guests, we recommend a six-foot tripod screen. Okay?

The reviewed recommendations

Super simple, super basic, those can rent anywhere between 75 and $200 a day. If your event has a couple more guests, say up to 100, we recommend an eight-foot tripod screen, which is the eight-foot version. And that will cost you the same.

Screen size

It will cost you between 75 and $200 per day. After that, there’s a pretty big jump in screen pricing. So if you beat 10 feet wide, you get a much different screen style. When you jump up to be 10 feet wide, that screen is more complex to build, there are more moving pieces on it, and the screen is much more expensive to buy. It also comes with a drape kit around it.

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So if you go with a 10-foot fast fold screen, you’re getting a 10-foot wide one that you can adjust the height of, and it comes with a drape kit. These are super common if you’ve ever been to a corporate conference; this is the screen you see with the black drape around it.

The production value of your event

It makes a difference in the production value of your event, but it also costs more to rent and set up, and all the labor involved in getting it to your venue goes up quite a bit. So for that 10-foot wide screen, you can expect to pay anywhere between 200 and 400 bucks a day; this is a broad range, and some factors influence the price. If you have 200 guests, we recommend going 12 feet wide. It will cost you between 200 and $500 per event day to rent the screen; if you have 300 guests, we recommend going 16 feet wide; this will cost between 300 and $600 a day just for the screen rental.

Now, keep in mind that this price might double if you decide that you want a screen on either side of the stage, which is super common at events, but I’m just giving you the per-screen price here. So, now that we know how big the screen is at your event. Now we can start talking about projector brightness.

The recommendations vary in different circumstances.

These recommendations change if you are on a golf course, a hall with multiple windows, or anything like that. Any venue with numerous windows will crank up the price of your projection because you have to fight against all that ambient light.

As a side note, if we know that we are in a golf course or a venue with a lot of light, we will recommend TVs or an LED video wall; that is a way better way to go, just because it is hard to fight that amount of light with projection. So if you have a six-foot wide tripod screen and 50 guests, then we recommend a 2,500 to 3000-lumen projector. It is the projector that you see at your local electronics store.

Professional grade projector

Once you go up to being eight feet wide, now you’re talking about a professional grade projector, anything with more than 3000 lumens, there’s a huge price jump in the technology, but what you also get is you get more inputs, you get more features, it’ll support more resolutions, and it will be brighter as well. So that’s the main features you get, Once you get up to that 3000-lumen projector.

When does it get super costly?

Now, from the $75 projector to the $2,000 projector, there is a difference in what’s involved. Once you get up to a 16-foot wide screen, once you’re larger than about 10,000 lumens, the cost goes up exponentially, and it gets costly. So we won’t even try to cover the pricing just because the pricing changes so fast. So what will this cost you as a bundle, a screen, and a projector? What will it cost?

I want to get into why does the price alter so much?

The big things that will cause your price to change are the size of your city. The next factor is whether or not you are working with an in-house AV company or an outside company. You would think that working with an in-house AV company, your prices would be more efficient because they’re onsite, but that is not the case. Typically, if you’re working with an in-house AV company, they will charge you between two to three times the market value of that projector rental.

You pay a premium to work with a company at the hotel or convention center that you’re working with; also, not all vendors are created equal. Some companies work on an a la carte basis; they might look less expensive; you rent a projector, then you have to rent each cable individually. Not only do you need to determine if you need an adapter, which most people don’t know if they need an adapter or not, but then you have to pay more to rent it. Projectors are expensive and finicky, and there is a lot of work to maintain, but I hope this article helps. Now, I will leave it to you to decide if it is the best choice for you or not.

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