How Does Technology Affect Student Achievement?

  • on March 13, 2023
How Does Technology Affect Student Achievement?

Although living in the wild may be enjoyable, technological improvements have enabled us to live more conveniently, safely, and resourcefully. How does technology affect student achievement? It is only possible to imagine a life with some degree of reliance on technology. However, until recently, technology in the classroom and online learning was considered flawed or a distraction.

The Covid-19 project demonstrated the value of technology in ensuring a secure and efficient remote learning environment. According to numerous studies, technology and online education enhance student engagement and make learning more enjoyable. Despite ongoing worries, parents and educators are increasingly receptive to implementing radical changes in education. The advantages of technology for student learning are examined in this article, along with how it affects learning and what that means for the future of education.

What Role Does Technology Play in Education?

Technology has become an increasingly important and integral part of education in recent years. For students of all ages, technology can make learning more approachable, enjoyable, collaborative, and engaging. Although technology might have been used in the past as a PowerPoint presentation tool, today, it influences every step of the learning process, including group projects, instant assessments, and instant feedback. How does technology affect student achievement?

Because of their features, virtual classes enable students to move more freely and independently through assignments and projects, as demonstrated by our use during quarantine. A virtual class may include digital whiteboards, instant messages, video conferences and recordings, participation options, student chats, and instant messages.

Although taking virtual classes is still an option, it has been implemented with a twist since students have returned to campus. Many professors are incorporating online learning tools and advising students to read various sources to understand the material better.

What Effect Does Technology Have on Students’ Learning?

Even when a change is necessary and for the better, it can still be terrifying. As a result, when technology was first introduced in the classroom, it was viewed as a bad idea. Parents understandably equated the use of technology in the classroom with the infamously detrimental effects of social media on children. How does technology affect student achievement? Yet, technology has repeatedly been demonstrated to benefit student learning because it equips students not just for further education but also for the workforce.

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In general, technology has closed communication gaps, whether they were greater or lesser distances. The same holds for online education. With the aid of technology, students may join communities and share their thoughts on assignments and projects, which helps them improve their communication skills and has a long-lasting impact on their careers.


The more reserved students can express their knowledge and opinions in a friendly and secure environment when they learn online. However, new technology has more tools for group collaboration, idea presentation, and an all-around more enjoyable learning experience. To create a curriculum that pushes students to participate in class, think critically, and form opinions on the course material in light of the technologies available, instructors and teachers are ultimately responsible.


Students may obtain straightforward explanations and tutorials for even the most difficult subjects thanks to the abundance of online sources and information. Using animation and virtual examples, technology can assist teachers in creating accessible presentations and teaching challenging subjects.

Will technology eventually supplant traditional education?

How does technology affect student achievement? Despite the complexity of the question, technology can only partially replace traditional education. Technology cannot replace academic staff members and replicate the school environment. But technology significantly impacts how traditional learning is transformed to become more efficient, collaborative, and accessible. Technology can also:

  • Make the material more engaging, enjoyable, and easier to remember.
  • Enable professors to assess students more frequently and identify areas for improvement.
  • Enable students to view lectures after class and thus multitask other obligations.

Although we are unsure of what the future will hold, we can raise the bar on learning effectiveness for all students by fusing the advantages of traditional and online education.


How does technology affect student achievement? Education is essential for a society’s development and survival, and how we approach learning will define our destiny. Technological development is continuing. It’s time for everyone to recognize that technology can help students learn and can make their lives easier. Because of this, we must use technological developments to improve education standards and better equip students for the workforce.

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