Negative Effects of Technology on Students’ Academic Performance

  • on March 18, 2023
Negative Effects of Technology on Students' Academic Performance

Technology’s rapid development and popularity have greatly impacted our lives and surroundings. The same is true for education; technology has significantly advanced.

What is one advantageous impact of technology on education?

Education has benefited greatly from technology. To name one specific effect, it encourages cooperation and communication between students and teachers. Technology also improves student involvement, which may help them retain material better. Technology can also improve self-esteem and enthusiasm for studying, unite students through collaboration and discussion tools, and positively influence society.

What is one bad thing technology has done to education?

negative effects of technology on students’ academic performance is the possibility that pupils may spend more time using technology than learning. The everyday technology usage in classrooms has also increased student screen time and may have negative impacts. Students may cheat using technology. The list of adverse effects is detailed below. Technology’s effects on education, both good and bad


  • Information is easily accessible thanks to technology.
  • Learning is facilitated by technology.
  • Innovation is boosted by technology.
  • Teaching and learning with technology in the classroom


  • Social Skill Loss Due to Technology
  • Pupils are distracted by technology.
  • Students’ interpersonal skills need to be improved by technology in the classroom.
  • Health is impacted by technology
  • The student wastes time because of technology

Technology’s benefits for education:

Both students and teachers benefit greatly from the fast-expanding technology in the sphere of education. Let’s take a close look at how technology has benefited education.

Access to information is made simple by technology:

The ease with which everyone may now obtain information is one of the most notable advantages of technology in education. Not simply information access but also information access that is updated. Teachers and students can both effectively benefit from updated information. Instructors may look up the most recent material online, which is advantageous for students and teachers.

Our teachers need to be up to speed on the most recent information, which causes them to give out-of-date information to their students, which is a problem with our current educational system. But because of advancements in technology, both students and teachers found it to be quite simple. My readers asked me to explore the positive and negative effects of information technology on the education sector in earlier postings. Their response is provided in the lines below.

Technology makes learning simpler: 

Studying using technology appears enjoyable. It wasn’t easy to experiment with or learn new things before technology developments in education, but everything is now simple thanks to technology. Students can explore and learn new things with the aid of technology, enabling them to succeed in the sector of their choice.

Students could only learn new things with the help of technology because they frequently appear to be dependent on their teachers for the educational process. Distance learning is another name for learning via the internet. The following factors, in particular explain how technology has made learning much simpler:

  • Because of the freely available knowledge on the internet, technology has made distance learning simpler.
  • Because the material can now be retrieved quickly and easily online, technology has made distance learning simpler.

The use of technology fosters creativity.

The fast-evolving technology is altering students’ and teachers’ mentalities and mindsets. As a result, they are extraordinarily inventive thanks to the employment of cutting-edge, fast-developing technologies. Technology’s accessibility made it simpler to encounter as many things, which may make them even more productive and creative. Technology has a significant influence on improving creativity due to several essential aspects. The following list of technological effects:

  • Students had a lot of flexibility in using digital media to express themselves and travel the world however they wanted.

One of the key elements that boost creativity is the ease with which information is now accessible thanks to technology. Whatever people think or see, they must conduct a quick internet search to find a wealth of pertinent data, expanding their knowledge and making them even more creative in their respective fields.

To be creative, students and teachers must learn new things and innovate existing ones. This will happen due to their care, curiosity, and willingness to pursue their interests. Usage of technology in the classroom to improve teaching and learning: One of the largest contributions of technology to education is that it improves both teaching and learning when used in the classroom. Technology in the classroom helps students stay focused and understand their subjects by increasing their attention and participation. It increases retention rates so that students can keep information in their thoughts for longer when teachers use technology to teach their classes.

Both the student’s development and the teachers are benefited from this, as it provides a teacher genuine gratification when a student fully understands something. Because kids learn more when they interact with pictures, using technology in the classroom makes learning even more enjoyable. It has been demonstrated that the human mind may comprehend even swiftly and efficiently when interacting with images.

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Tech’s Harmful Effects on Education:

Technology has made teaching and learning in the field of education incredibly simple. Still, on the flip side, overuse of technology has sometimes caused serious harm to our physical and mental health. What one detrimental impact has technology had on schooling, inquire some students? Hence, let’s move on to the negative effects of technology on students’ academic performance.

Technology kills Social Skills: One of the worst effects of technology on our pupils is that it slowly kills their ability to interact with others and prefers to keep them isolated. They are quick to become addicted to technology, which leads to increased usage. So, such excessive use destroys their social abilities, and as a result, they cannot engage or communicate effectively in real life, which is a genuinely bad condition.

Distraction from technology among students is also a significant problem. Although most students utilise technology negatively as they become more accustomed to it, they know how fantastic and open-source it is for learning. They attempt to access false information online rather than learn new things. Their ability to learn could be improved by the ease with which they can access wrong and useless items, which distracts them. Hence, parents and teachers must be astute enough to set strict boundaries when they provide youngsters access to technology. Students can only produce positive results if there is a significant check on them.


The information provided above shows that technology is advancing quickly and playing a continual role in making our lives much easier than ever. How we use technology now determines whether we utilise it constructively or badly. Technology has fundamentally altered how we think about teaching and learning. I hope the most important issue, the “Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Education,” was successfully conveyed. In my next posts, I’ll be giving the most recent data regarding technology in the field of education and many more. You can start the conversation using the comment box if you have questions. You can expect a response from me as soon as I can.

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