How do I Bypass Activation Code for Miroir Projector?

  • on February 6, 2023
How do I Bypass Activation Code for Miroir Projector?

You follow the four steps shared in this article, and there you have it-you have bypassed the activation code for your Miroir projector. Yep, it is that simple. You will not need an activation code to set your projector running. How amazing is that? Unlike some sites where it takes way too long to get to the point, I will get right into it (I know it is super informative, but, just saying. It can get a bit frustrating as a reader when you are in a rush. No? when it takes very long for the writer to get to the point). Wait, I am doing the same. Lol. That is in our blood, I guess. Never mind. So, back to the topic (I am even worse at getting to the point. Sorry 😉 

So, finally, let us get to the how-to part.

How to bypass the activation code?

Switch on the projector

First, switch on the projector. You will then see the usual instruction to input the activation code. But that is not what we want to do, so let me tell you what to do next.

Switch it off

Switch off the device.

Plug in the cables. 

Get the cables and plug them in. Do not turn on the device yet; wait a while. 

Turn on the device

Once you turn on the device, the projector will start working. I am done with answering your question but I have to somehow reach the minimum word limit so let us stretch this article. Just kidding. I won’t talk about anything unrelated or useless, of course. You will learn more about the activation code if you keep reading till the end.  I mean the bypass part is mentioned above but in case you are curious about more, stay with me till the end. Woah, it sounded dramatic but nvm, I guess?

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So what is an activation code?

The activation code is that unique 6-digit number on the sales pass given to you after buying a Miroir projector from an approved dealer.

NOT a random online dealer

Note the word authorized. Suppose you get the projector from a random online dealer; you should not expect an activation code because they do not have it.

What if you don’t get the code?

You can get the activation code at It will help if your Miroir projector does not come with a code, which is likely if you buy from an unauthorized random online dealer. The site is also beneficial if, by luck, you lose your Miroir projector activation code. It lets you retrieve the code. I hope you found this article worth your time. Good luck with the activation code and your Miroir projector. 

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