How much does a Laptop Weigh? Laptop Weight and Size Guide

  • on September 3, 2021
How much does a Laptop Weigh _ Laptop Weight and Size Guide

One of the questions that people ask themselves when purchasing a laptop is how much it weighs. The weight of your laptop can be an essential factor in selecting which one to buy. If you plan on carrying your laptop around with you often, then you might want to consider getting the lightest computer possible, so it’s easier for you. For those who will leave their laptops at home or work most times, the weight could not matter as much, and others factors should be considered more heavily before making a purchase decision.

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The weight of a laptop depends on which category it falls under. Types include Ultrabook and Chromebook, Ultraportable, Thin and Light, Desktop Replacement, Luggables or bulky laptops that are difficult to carry around. The categories range from two pounds up to eight pounds in weight, with the highest being more than 10 lbs. It makes them highly cumbersome to carry around during travels.

How much does a laptop weigh? People carry their laptops all over – school/work/trips, so this is often something people want to know about! If you are among those, so this blog post is for you.

How much does a Laptop Weigh

If you’re looking to purchase a laptop, it’s essential to know the differences between different types of notebooks. For example, five categories can help you determine which one is right for your needs: netbooks, ultrabooks (thin and light), tablets with keyboards/hybrids (combine features of both tablet and traditional laptops), standard notebooks like Macbook Airs or other Windows-based models; all-around performance machines such as budget gaming PCs or high-end workstations.

Here are some other differences that may help you choose a laptop for you as per your needs. Here are the five different categories of laptops, lets get started.

Thin and Light

This category includes various models similar to the 13” Apple MacBook Pro, Google Pixelbook and Dell XPS 15. They range in weight from three to six pounds and are precisely what they say- thin and light laptops.

Chromebook and Ultrabook

These two laptops, the Chromebook and Ultrabook, use different operating systems. The first is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS while the other uses Windows OSTwo are both very light, weighing between 2-3 pounds.


Compaq’s Portable II was the heaviest of its time and weighed more than 15 pounds. Despite this, it is said to be one of the most portable desktop PCs ever built due to its slim form factor that allows for easy mobility while delivering performance comparable with many desktops on a smaller scale.


These lightweight laptops are perfect for people who like to move around with their laptops. They weigh less than five pounds, including the Apple Macbook Air, HP EliteBook, HP Spectre Folio, and Swift 7. So finding that How much does a laptop weigh is not a difficult task you must seller for it.

Desktop Replacement

Gamers often prefer a laptop over a desktop computer. Laptops weighing around four pounds and sporting an extra fan to prevent overheating are usually more powerful than their mobile counterparts with bigger batteries. The Alienware 17 R5 Gaming laptop has all the performance you’d expect from its larger counterpart in a portable form, while MSI GP73 Leopard-209 is also great for gaming due to its GPU power on top of being lightweight at only 4 lbs.

Why Weight of a Laptop Matters

Have you ever travelled by plane or train with your laptop? If so, I’m sure you’ve noticed how much weight matters. Even if a smaller laptop lacks some of the functionality of an older system, its portability makes it desirable for travel purposes.

When you’re travelling, it can be challenging to know exactly how much your laptop weighs. Manufacturers often list the weight of a computer with standard components installed (like an average-sized battery). Still, if you have more powerful batteries or media types attached, it will increase its overall weight. To put some numbers on what we mean by “heavy,” consider these facts: The typical 17-inch screen is usually around 7 pounds, and some larger laptops are as heavy as 10 pounds without their power cords connected.

When looking for a portable laptop, weight is an essential factor to consider since it determines how easy the computer will be to carry around. The travel weight refers to your laptop’s actual physical mass and any accessories that need transporting with it when travelling on foot or by car/plane, etc. It should always come to mind while comparing different models of laptops and choosing one.

Size of a Laptop( How much does a laptop weigh)

The size of a laptop is its height, width, and depth. Manufacturers will tell you the dimensions by looking at where it was built (height), how wide your keyboard spread is (width), and how far into itself that device goes when opened up completely (depth). To better understand these measurements consider this:

Height = From bottom to back of the display
Width = The distance from the left side edge to the right on the keyboard
Depth= Amount of space taken front-to-back

When you’re looking for a laptop, consider the physical size of the product. You should check that your computer will fit into a travel bag or briefcase and be sure to find out if an external CD drive is included in measurements as well as whether there’s room for large batteries. To ensure it can power up wherever you go, also take note of its adaptor requirements.

Impact of Components of Laptops on their weight

Laptop weight is affected by the size of its fan, battery life and power. For example, gamers might need a large battery or even two batteries to last for hours without any disruptions in use despite needing more ability to run intensive applications like high graphics games.

When laptops require more power than usual due to increased usage on an application such as gaming software with sophisticated effects, they will need more giant fans because extra heat needs powerful cooling mechanisms.

The bigger the fan means, the heavier laptop becomes, which results in less portability, especially if users intend on carrying their computers around often during travel periods where available outlets are scarce. This has been shown anecdotally through first-hand accounts shared within online gamer communities among others who have experienced issues.

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Some laptops have ditched the CD/DVD drive, and you can purchase them as external drives. Some minimize the number of ports available to decrease weight. It is up to you whether or not these components should come with your laptop because they aren’t included by default anymore which allows for a more lightweight computer – but it also means buying additional hardware if necessary.

The benefit to laptops with fewer components is that they are lightweight. While this makes them great for carrying around, you can also purchase external drives and other accessories if desired without having to lug your whole laptop bag everywhere.

How to Choose a Laptop For You/How much does an average laptop weigh

Determining what you need from your laptop can be tricky. Think about how often and for how long this computer will serve as a means of transporting all the information available to humans in today’s society! The more time we spend online, the more essential laptops provide us with excellent battery life while travelling between places where outlets aren’t always accessible. It is also good to consider whether or not weight matters when deciding on which model best suits our needs and style preferences – do we want something lightweight? Or should we choose one type over another if it provides excellent performance without weighing too much down?

While choosing a laptop, we should consider what our lifestyles and work requirements are. For example, if you frequently travel for your job but spend most of your time at the desk, then it is better to choose lightweight laptops that will be carried around all day without any hassle.

On the other hand, if you don’t move much with yours while working in front of a laptop screen all day long then one which has more power and features can prove beneficial because they tend to offer high system performance but moreover heavier ones like MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 13 etc.; so ultimately, it’s up to personal preference whether the lighter option suits you or not.

When buying a laptop, it’s important to know what features you want. If you’re just using the computer at home or in your office all day long, then an expensive one with lots of bells and whistles isn’t necessary – look for something more affordable instead.

However, if you are travelling around often with work projects on the go or commuting daily by bus/train etc., make sure that whatever model is heavy-duty enough to carry comfortably every day. So the question How much does a laptop weigh has now become clear with this write-up.

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