Do All HDMI Cables Support 4K 120Hz?

  • on January 21, 2023
Do All HDMI Cables Support 4K 120Hz?

Do all hdmi cables support 4k 120hz? Understanding multiple HDMI cable versions has also become important because 4K resolution on TVs and monitors has practically become standard. Does the sameness of all HDMI cables support 4K? These are some of the issues that the inexperienced need clarification on.

The answer is yes, concisely and straightforwardly. An HDMI cable purchased within the previous ten years or so will undoubtedly be able to transmit 4K resolution. The majority, however, cannot support 4K resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate. Resolution is one of many factors to consider when discussing the visual output from your television or computer monitor. The refresh rate is also crucial. The color bit depth also plays a significant role in specific situations.


Yes, modern HDMI cables are all 4K. They are not all the same, though. As a result, you can see that there are various varieties of HDMI cables. These cables are also known as:

  • Cable known as standard HDMI or HDMI 1.1/1.2 (Obsolete)
  • HDMI 1.4 high-speed cable
  • High-speed HDMI 2.0 cable or PHS cable
  • HDMI 2.1 or ultra high-speed cable
  • If you purchased your cable in the past ten years, you probably have a High-Speed HDMI cable that can support HDMI 1.4 specifications.
  • 4K resolution is supported using HDMI 1.4 cables. Therefore, practically all HDMI cables support 4K resolution.
  • However, HDMI 1.4 cables can only support 4K at a frame rate of 30Hz.
  • Get at least an HDMI 2.0 cable or the Premium High-Speed cable if you want more excellent refresh rates at 4K, such as 60Hz or 120Hz.


The three main factors that determine how much data a display interface generates are as follows. These consist of the following:

  • Resolution
  • Freshness Rate
  • Bit Depth of Color
  • The more sturdy an HDMI cable you need, the more data the display interface produces.

Resolution – what is it?

The solution is simple to understand. The number of pixels on the screen is the issue. The image quality is sharper the more pixels there are. The measurements for 4K resolution are 3840 by 2160. The resolution of Full HD is 1920 by 1080 pixels.

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Refresh Rate: What Is It?

Understanding the refresh rate is crucial since it will help you to know why there are many HDMI cable versions in the first place. The number of times the screen updates or changes the image is known as the refresh rate. The typical refresh rate for TVs and monitors is 60Hz. In other words, they show a new image or refresh it 60 times in a second.

If the screen refreshes slowly, you will perceive stutters and lags because the video is simply moving images. Additionally, you must have newer HDMI ports. As previously mentioned, there are various variants of the HDMI interface, not only the cable. The source device must have an HDMI 2.0 out connector to connect to a 4K monitor or TV and get a 60Hz refresh rate. Despite having a Premium High-Speed HDMI cable and an HDMI 2.0 port on the monitor, if your PC or laptop only has an HDMI 1.4 connector and you connect it to your 4K panel, you will only be able to view 4K at 30 frames per second.


Question- Are All HDMI Cables the Same?

Answer- No, although having a similar appearance, they might perform very differently.

Question- Is a 4K HDMI 2.0 cable required?

Answer- An HDMI 2.0 cable is required if you wish to operate your TV or monitor at 4K resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. Only 4k @ 30Hz refresh rate can be supported by older HDMI connections.


So, do all HDMI cables support 4K? They are, indeed. Yes, all HDMI cables can be categorized as 4K unless you have an HDMI 1.0 or 1.2 cable, produced in 2002 and 2005, respectively. This is quite unlikely. A 2009 edition of HDMI 1.4 included 4K capability. Additionally, HDMI was starting to appear on more and more multimedia interfaces around this time.

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