How to Connect Android Phone to Projector Via USB Cable?

  • on January 3, 2023
How to Connect Android Phone to Projector Via USB Cable?

Android phones are fantastic, but they have one significant flaw: a small screen. How to connect android phone to projector via usb cable? You can watch movies on them, but it can strain your eyes, which is why most people prefer to link their gadgets to a projector. There are several ways to connect this device, most of which depend on the kind of connectors that work with your projector. For instance, some projector models only feature an HDMI input, while others are more adaptable and include other outputs, such as inbuilt Bluetooth, VGA, and USB. Therefore, there is no simple procedure for connecting a phone through USB to a projector. It depends on how you need to set up your projector.

Finding Out Your Connection Options

In 1420, Johannes de Fontana introduced the concept of projectors, according to a study by NCBI 1. He drew a picture of a monk holding a lantern with a tiny, transparent window on one side that could be projected onto a wall. This concept inspired modern, more technologically sophisticated projectors that we use today. Identifying the capabilities of your phone and projector is the first step in using a USB to connect them.

capabilities of phones

The capabilities and connections of your phone significantly influence your ability to connect your device to the projector. For example, Samsung’s more recent phone models have a function that supports adapters and enables you to connect your smartphone using the HDMI connector on the projector and a USB port. Only Mobile High-Definition Link is supported by other phone types (MHL). You only need to buy an MHL to HDMI adaptor that fits into the USB port on such phones. However, we strongly advise that you carefully consider the particular MHL version that the maker of your phone recommends before purchasing a compatible adapter.

capabilities of projectors

Some projector models have a USB interface, although they are rare. In addition, document projectors are more likely to have this feature than home theatre ones. The easiest way to connect your phone to the projector is to have a projector that has this capability, so if you’re fortunate enough to have one, you may do so without any difficulty. Select the proper input channel on your projector, and then attach a USB cord to each device. Consider your input options if your projector lacks a USB port before developing a workable solution.

USB connection between an Android phone and a projector

There have been substantial technological advances, and presently, phones with inbuilt pico projectors are being promoted primarily for their video consumption and business presentation capabilities, according to a report by Research Gate 2. Before connecting, you must determine the type of ports your Android device and your projector have. This will be helpful while choosing the appropriate cables. While most modern projectors include HDMI connectors, some also have USB Type-C ports.

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a place for charging Type C phones

The Type C charging connections used on most modern smartphones are notable for their secondary USB-C mode, which enables the connector to send video signals directly to an HDMI or Display port.

projector connector type C

Attach one end of the USB-C cable to your projector—if it has a Type C connection—and the other to your smartphone. You can start mirroring your phone’s screen after you switch the input channel on your projector to USB-C.

HDMI over Type C

Most older projectors include an HDMI port. However, some also have a DisplayPort. You’ll need a cable or converter if your smartphone has a USB-C port and your projector has an HDMI port. Then, connect the DisplayPort or HDMI connector from the projector to the USB C port on your Android phone.

Using USB to connect an iPhone to a projector

If you have the appropriate adapters, you can still use your iPhone to connect to your projector.


Choosing the appropriate cords is the most challenging aspect of connecting your iPhone to your projector. To do this, look for an adaptor built by the manufacturer of your phone or one specifically created for the model of your handset. Most of the time, you might need to spend a few more dollars, but doing so is the only way to guarantee that the cable will function consistently with your devices.

Final Reflections

Thanks to technological improvements, you no longer require a large screen to enjoy your favorite games and movies. You can use a projector as long as you have a mobile device. However, to do this requires learning how to use a USB to link a phone to a projector; the preceding guide contains all the information you require. In short, you need first evaluate the capability of your phone and projector. The next step is to procure the appropriate adaptor or cable and connect them. Restarting the devices or purchasing a new cable if yours is generic is advised if you’re having trouble establishing a stable connection because it primarily comes down to having the proper equipment.

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