Phasmophobia Dots Projector Not Working

  • on February 17, 2023
Phasmophobia Dots Projector Not Working

Whether you are new or an old player to phasmophobia we can all agree that some items’ purpose sometimes leaves us wondering if we used them properly or not. Going through the list in an order that appears on the buy menu, the first item on the list is the new and famous dots projector.

What is it?

The dots projector is described in the journal as a greed of lights that can reveal the silhouette of a ghost.  In other words, it is a little device that once attached to a wall, a floor or any surface that accepts it generates a field of green dots that help reveal the presence of a ghost. Okay, now let us get to the main question; the one you have been searching to get answers for. 

What to do if it is not working?

Ensure that you have placed it correctly and within the ghost room to catch some supernatural activity. If you are unable to notice the ghost in the room itself, the person keeping an eye on the night vision camera from the truck will be able to confirm any sighting. Because that is where the movement is better observable. All of it happens very quickly so if you are not paying attention, you might totally miss it.

Additional tips that can help 

Okay so enough with the basic stuff-let I get to the job I am good at ( I mean even better at 😉 Yep you guessed it right;  It is my tips and tricks time.


It will help you for sure if you put the dots at a “choke point” where the ghost has to walk through (since dots show when the ghost is physically walking in that space). 

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Motion sensors

Motion sensors help to track movement so you know where to put it. 

Night vision

If you are having trouble seeing or you think you are missing them, it is recommended to take one of the cams out that is taking in a night vision cam and to turn off the lights.

The sound 

If your room is a bit quieter, you can hear the dots. The buzzing noise is very constant but when the dots happen it goes up up up up down a couple of times while the ghost is running across the screen. That is how you can tell that they are happening which is very very useful.

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