How to Use Dots Projector Phasmophobia Reddit? 

  • on February 19, 2023
How to Use Dots Projector Phasmophobia Reddit? 

In this ghost-hunting game, the DOTS Projector in Phasmophobia is brand-new evidence. How to use dots projector phasmophobia reddit? This tutorial will assist you if you need clarification on how it operates or how to utilise it in general. This piece of equipment will help you identify the kind of ghost you are looking for.

Using the DOTS Projector to Treat Phasmophobia

In a ghost room, the DOTS Projector will turn on a grid of dots or green laser lights so that when a ghost goes by, you can see where they are going, thanks to the dots. Hence, if a supernatural being walks through that region, everyone can see it and perhaps identify the ghost kind. If you view it through the night vision camera, you will see the ghost’s silhouette much more clearly. To verify whether a figure moved around in your room, make sure someone is monitoring from inside the truck.

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Where Should the DOTS Projector Be Placed?

It should be placed in the centre of the room for the best possibility that it will detect movement. To position it where you want it, use the F button. It can be fastened to a floor, wall, or ceiling. Yet the ghost doesn’t travel slowly, so you must stay alert to spot any paranormal activity. When moving about the space, you can either keep an eye on the dots or hide in a corner and concentrate on them.

Need to Function DOTS Projector?

For some eerie activity, ensure you’ve placed it correctly and in the Ghost room. The person watching the night vision camera from the truck can confirm any sightings if you cannot spot the apparition in the room itself because it is easier to see movement there. Everything happens rapidly, so you can only notice it if you pay attention.

In Phasmophobia, this is how to utilise the DOTS Projector. So go ahead and give it a try. Including this item can result in many more thrilling and exciting moments for the ghost hunters. While you’re here, check out our other phobia guides, which will teach you how to utilise other tools to gather further proof and identify the ghostly presence haunting the house.

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