Ten Best Essential Accessories for Smartphone

  • on November 10, 2020
Ten Best Accessories for Smartphones

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You have to buy a new phone, and looking for some classy, stylish and trendy accessories to enhance your style. This is a smart computing era; every smartphone comes with considerable hardware, software, and features. But these are accessories that made a phone smart. Not only to enhance class, but accessories are also sometimes of great need. Like if your new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, you have to choose wireless medium from many available options like headphones, air pods, etc. You are planning to buy something crazy, and feeling helpless because you have no idea what to buy. Not an issue anymore, we have listed top smartphone accessories for you. Check it out.

1. Razer Kishi Gaming Controller

Razer Kishi is a sturdy built gaming controller. It has unbelievably solved a lot of problems with its tremendous features. It has two joysticks for versatile gaming, a huge list of phones it can work with; it can work with most phones. It has a unique design with a comfortable handgrip. Its unique feature to charge the phone while in use is simply amazing as you don’t t have to worry about your phone’s battery while playing. Its simple plug and play approach makes it easy to use. You don’t have to map controls for each game. Gaming on the phone is stressful, it may cause hand cramps. If you are a gamer you need a game controller, Razer Kishi is the best choice. Its Jungle cat controller split the traditional gamepad in half to mount on either side. In short, it has everything you want in your perfect dreamy game controller.

2. Pocket Projector HD 1080p

Do you want to watch something on a big screen? Go and watch it on your TV. But if you want to watch on a big screen away from home, you cannot even imagine carrying your heavyweight display screen with you. What you need are portable pocket projectors that can create a massive display anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. It has a lot of advantages; you can easily pocket it everywhere wherever you go.it is a lightweight and slim device weighing no more than a few pounds.  You want to watch an HD movie on road, you can watch it on your smartphone but it has a lot of limitations, especially, when you are trying to watch with someone else. Pocket projectors are the best option in this case. 

3. WonderCube Pro

WonderCube is eerily true to its name because it’s such a wonder to behold. This little cube that can fit in the palm of your hand contains almost everything, and we mean everything. It is a seriously versatile keychain in which the company has brought all the mobile accessories together in a single cube of size 1cc. It has a charger, memory, emergency power, phone stand, data cable, and torch. A handy cube in your key-ring can carry all the essential accessories that can fit in the whole bag. Each unit folds down on use and folds neatly into place for storage. Never worry about messy or tangled cables again. Even when fully extended, it still measures only three inches. Thanks to its compact and sturdy design, this all-in-one solution is ideal for our on-the-go community. 

4. Pitaka Mag-mount Qi

The new Mag Mount Qi is extremely powerful, modern, and modular. You have mounting options for Vents, Dashboard, Windshield, and CD Vents. Plus, you can quickly wirelessly charge your phone on the go if it supports Qi charging. It is a simple in design device but it does its job nicely.it is easy to install and comfortable in use. It has overvoltage and overheats protection. It has a good design for heat dissipation too. Moreover, due to its non-adhesive design, it does not breakdown so fast. You can get this super device for just $49.99.

5. Wireless Charging station

The biggest inconvenience that could result from the regular use of a smartphone is the damage to the charging port. The repeated insertion and ejection of the charging cable can ruin the charging port. You can prevent this in the first place, simply by using wireless chargers. Among all the available options Seneo wireless chargers are the best. It has a stylish yet simple design and it is intuitive and easy to use. And most important, it is extremely thin and lightweight.  You can turn your smartphone Portrait and Landscape as it has two Coils. You can your smartphone comfortably as it has a vertical angle. All these features with a fast charging speed of 5V/2.0A for just $26.99.

6. Samsers Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

Do you want a perfect portable Bluetooth keyboard for your smartphone that can fit anywhere? SAMSERS Foldable Bluetooth keyboard is a perfect choice for you. SAMSERS innovative keyboard is ultra-thin and has very cool looks. Due tits foldability, it can fit anywhere in your luggage while traveling so it is easy to carry anywhere. As you don’t need to worry about its weight and size it is perfectly amazing and useful for business trips. Its simple appearance garnishes its fine features. You can use it anywhere, any time without bothering the battery because it has a 90mAH battery capacity. It has Bluetooth connections so you don’t need to worry about tangled wires anymore.

7. StikBox Selfie Stick Case

Never miss an opportunity with the compact selfie stick – the ultimate phone accessory, a full-length high-tensile selfie stick that folds easily into a smartphone bag. The phone selfie stick features a telescopic slider that expands your range and the phone case has specific tilt hinges and is securely fastened to take 360-degree panoramic photos. The Bluetooth selfie stick features a charging socket on the stick for easy remote camera activation, activate Bluetooth with your phone to connect to the Stikbox, and then take selfies/videos with the fire button. Easy Storage quickly slips the extendable selfie stick into your phone case for easy storage, and there are no separate accessories for you to remember when you’re read. Made of high-strength aluminium, the best selfie stick is both strong and lightweight for maximum comfort, and the sturdy and durable case protects your smartphone from accidental damage.

8. U Rig Pro Smartphone Video Rig

You can turn your smartphone into a portable handheld video device with a U-rig pro smartphone rig. It is designed such that your phone can mount inside it with a spring clip and when you want to lock it on a place you can do this with the help of a built-in screw lock. It can be used with smartphones from 2†wide to 3.5†wide. It is a fantastic tool for mobile video makers and filmmakers as you can mount a video microphone and LED lights on the rig. It is comfortable in use and enhances your talent of filmmaking, with this you can do a video making nicely. Surprisingly, this masterpiece is available for only $19.95.

9. Pivo Tiny Pod

Pivo pod is interactive accessories for smartphone video making and photography. The Pivo Pod is a compact, cylindrical and wireless device that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. You can install your smartphone on it, and with a variety of creative modes, you can take fun photos or videos and make the little device do all the hard work. It takes the guesswork out of timing shots, editing, and even positioning, so all you need to do is pose. There are currently 12 shooting modes, including shooting normal and panorama, as well as moving videos. This is where the Pivo Pod shines. Some poses are influences that may take a little time and effort, but you don’t need to worry much about them.

10. Adonit Snap 2 Stylus Pen

With the Adonit Dash 4 stylus, you don’t have to mess about with Bluetooth pairing in order to use it with iPads and Android tablets. 

Additionally, it has a unique iPad mode that offers a palm rejection option that writers and artists would 

To get exact input touch using a stylus with your smart devices (iPhone, iPad, touchscreen laptops) is the best option. For Apple devices Apple has its official stylus, Google has its pixel pen, but what you will do if you don’t have any of these devices. Adonit Snap 2 stylus is the best option for you. Without worrying about fat finger touch, you can draw everything with Adonit Snap 2. It can design where your finger fails as it can draw with 1.9mm Pixel Point precious tip. This stylus also has a dedicated shutter button that can work in a single shot or triple burst mode, making it very easy to take exactly the shot you want. The triple dash would be good for group selfies where you want to make sure everyone’s eyes are open and the smiles are okay.

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