What Does An Amplifier in Audio Equipment Exactly Do ?

  • on August 11, 2022
What Does An Amplifier in Audio Equipment Exactly Do ?

An amplifier does just that; it amplifies an audio signal. A massive speaker drives from the phone’s little signal through an amplifier. But that’s not it. To have in-depth know-how of what an amplifier offers, consider the difference between a transformer and an amplifier.

What an amplifier isn’t

Unless you know what an amplifier isn’t, you won’t be able to grasp what it has to offer. I will get straight to the point; a transformer is not similar to an amplifier.

Transformer v.s Amplifier

A transformer is a device you put electricity into to transform voltage and current; electricity comes out of it at a different voltage and current. Now there can be transformers of two kinds. It could either be a transformer that doubles the voltage or one that doubles the current. But the twist with the transformer is the power that flows into it is the same as the power that comes out.

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So, if you have a transformer that doubles the voltage, it implies it cuts the current in half. Likewise, if you have a transformer that doubles the current, the voltage is cut in half. There is always a sacrifice that’s perfectly logical because if the transformer would magically produce more power than you put into it, it would create free energy. And that doesn’t exist. The amplifier does that. It does not create free energy but has an external power source. It takes the input signal, and the output signal will have greater power than the input.

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So it can raise the voltage without changing the current or the current without changing the voltage or raise both.

That’s what an amplifier can do in audio equipment.

Amplifiers are available in different classes; each one uses a power outlet. This rule applies to all. Enough with what an amplifier can do. To know how it does what it does, check out my other article.

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