Do You Need a Soundbar With a TV?

  • on August 8, 2022
Do You Need a Soundbar With a TV ?

To answer if you need a soundbar with your TV, consider the following question:

For what reason is it a trending topic only these days?

For your general knowledge, the TV was introduced in 1927. I think that is enough information to estimate how many years went by since the invention of the TV. You would appreciate it if you could do the math part yourself. I suck at that.

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Some might say because there was no sound bar in that era. Yes, there wasn’t. There would have been if it was required. The simple answer is that a soundbar gained popularity when TV lost a lot of weight over the years. Losing weight was worth it for the space it used to occupy. However, the sound quality worsened as the TV got thinner. The buyers had to fill this gap.

You might want and not need

(I am a poetic soul, I had to)

Now you might wonder she just said that it is required; why is she going against her own words? A soundbar is not the only way to improve sound quality; let me clarify. You can go without it, but you might want the best audio experience and can afford it too. Why not buy it then?

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There can be times when you need and want at the same time. Just as how someone won’t agree to have lunch out somewhere other than the spot already reviewed as top-notch, you might be the kind of person who won’t be satisfied with other speakers and stuff. If you are not satisfied, that suggests you need it as well.

Oh, let me respond to another of your questions before proceeding further. Yes, I can read your mind. You got that right;’)

How is a soundbar different from other speakers?

For your ease, I will present the answer in the following points;

  • Have built-in amplifiers
  • Self-powered soundbars are in use because of the extra plus points
  • Can provide stereo or surround sound (in the same device)
  • contains two or more speakers
  • has a separate subwoofer for producing deep bass
  • comes in different sizes
  • has a remote control with free remote apps
  • Provides wireless connections
  • Better clarity even when listening to low-quality recordings of people with accents


Question- Do dimensions make a difference when buying a sound bar for a TV?

Ans- Yes, they do.


Ans- The last thing you want is a soundbar blocking your view of your TV because it’s too tall. That is why.

Question-Do I need to adjust the TV settings before connecting the sound bar?

Ans-You do need to adjust but don’t do it before connecting. Instead, get into your TV settings once you attach the sound bar to your TV; turn off TV speakers and push the audio out.

Question-What role does an arc play if I decide to attach a soundbar to my TV?

Ans-If your TV does not have an arc, you’ll have to use another cable to get the sound from your TV to the soundbar.

Question-What kind of table can I use for that?

Ans-You can use either the optic cable or 3.5 mm analog cable and connect them to the TV’s headphone output.

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