What’s the Worst Thing That You Did on a School Computer?

  • on February 11, 2023
What's the Worst Thing That You Did on a School Computer?

Umm, I guess I did paint when I was supposed to do something else, obviously. How boring, I know. But I can’t make up stories- bear with me; I am way too honest. I wish there was something fun for me to share as well with the involvement of technology, as you asked. But there is none. I have witnessed other people doing horrible things- some funny, and some don’t even ask. But let us skip that part. 

If you are here to pass some time and read a story at any cost, I can share what I have read and heard about other people.   Okay so there is one I found on the internet and for me, it is the worst of all the stories I read so far. Let me share it in the writer’s own words as it is about him, not me. 

It is about trolling (spoiler alert)

“Early in high school, I used to troll people by making them click on things they thought were something else. I would:

  • Create a desktop shortcut to shut down the computer.
  • Change the shortcut icon to something innocent like Google Chrome or Photoshop.
  • Replace the real program shortcuts with the shutdown shortcuts.

Laugh my ass off at the unfortunate students who will sit there in the next class period, confused about why their computer keeps shutting down every time they try to open Google Chrome or Photoshop.

Yes, I was a rather unpleasant teenager.”

Not funny at all (at least not for me)

This one is not funny to me but you can call it the worst of the ones I read. Anyways, it is about your school life and the key is to learn from your mistakes. We are no one to judge and should never do so based on an individual’s past. Lol, I am acting like someone committed a murder you might be thinking but I am just saying, in general terms. 

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I think this one story will do for now. I wish I had something to share but there is none; was just happy to use the computer honestly (much better than studying with no breaks).  I would like to end this article with some advice you did not ask for but here I go anyway 😉

Fun is not meant to bring pain to others

Have fun but do so without hurting anyone in any way! If you made a mistake, it won’t define you unless you refuse to learn from it. For instance, people have normalized bullying to such an extent that it’s considered a part of the fun. Tell me how can it be fun if the other person is hurting? 

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