Do You Need a 4K HDMI Cable For XBOX

  • on December 4, 2021
Do You Need a 4K HDMI Cable For XBOX

Do you need a 4k HDMI cable for Xbox? Do you know what resolutions are supported by the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and the original Xbox One? If not, this article is for you. We will go over what resolutions are supported on each device and which cables are needed to be able to use the different resolution settings. Read more now.

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One of the best ways to experience true 4K UHD on your TV is using an HDMI cable. The Xbox One S comes with one, but if you want better results, make sure and get a higher-speed version like this Nielsen-approved one we recommend.

Things Need to Know About XBOX (Do You Need a 4K HDMI Cable For XBOX):

The highly anticipated, newly designed Xbox One S starts hitting shelves today. Since Microsoft’s newest console features 4K Ultra HD Blue-ray and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for games as well as video streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, it only makes sense that those who are about to inbox their new gaming system know all the ins-and-outs when dealing with these technologies so they can enable HDR on your TV if needed.

Things You’ll Need to Experience 4K (Do You Need a 4K HDMI Cable For XBOX):

Before you can experience 4K and HDR games, videos, or other high-definition media on your TV set-top box (STB), both the player and their equipment must be correctly optimized for this new technology.

You’ll need a 4K capable device:

The Xbox One S is the latest addition to Microsoft’s lineup, and it can play games in 4K Ultra HD mode.

You’ll need a 4K TV (Do You Need a 4K HDMI Cable For XBOX):

4K TVs are the new hotness in TV technology. But what does all this jargon mean? To find out, consult your manual or look for these labels: 

“Commonly used names,” such as 4k Ultra HD; ‘Listed resolutions’ which can include 3840 x 2160 at 24 Hz (Hz refers to frames per second), 50 fps, and 60fps refresh rates along with HDR10 specifications like “HDR Premium.”


To check your TV’s 4K and HDR capabilities, with your Xbox One S connected and on, you can double-tap the Xbox button to open up an overlay that shows all of its settings. From there, choose Settings > All settings s> Display & sound, then select “Advanced video” under Picture modes for it shows what kind of device is being used (4k or HDMI).

You’ll need 4K content:

If you’re a Netflix subscriber who also owns an Ultra HD TV, open the streaming app and pop in your favorite UHD Blue-ray disc. As long as it streams video in this format, there should be no problem viewing programs from 4K sources on screen.

What if I don’t have a 4K TV:

Xbox One S automatically scales down any 4K and HDR content to the resolution your TV supports, so you can enjoy a premium gaming experience no matter what display device is hooked up.

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