Does a Projector Use More Electricity Than a TV?

  • on August 7, 2022
Does a Projector Use More Electricity Than a TV ?

I won’t test your patience… yes, mostly a projector does use more electricity than a TV but there are times when it does not. Now, I have got to clarify my own statement to answer the titled question and ‘your question’ seeing how you are here confused as to what should be added to your ‘buyer list’.

As I said, there are times when a projector does not use more electricity than a TV but this possibility is dependent on you being ok with buying an extra costly projector. It won’t be known solely for being super expensive but will come with super cool features as well that will help you modify and set some features according to your convenience resulting in the use of less electricity.

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But again, the ‘extra’ factor exists in both; TV and projector.


If you go for a TV with the very common mindset that it won’t cost you much, you are likely to use it unnecessarily. However, to specify, Plasma TV uses more electricity than LED TV which sheds light on the fact that if you are to save electricity, you got to spend more money when buying either a TV or a projector. Suppose you are a buyer of the kind who is looking for a budget-friendly device but not at the cost of your viewing experience. What would you opt for?

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Ok so you are not willing to spend a huge amount of money on either one of them, what is a better option in that case?

I would say TV.

Even if it’s a plasma TV (just mentioning for the sake of comparison), when compared to a ‘not so costly’ projector, the projector still consumes and uses more electricity.

If the use of electricity is your concern combined with your budget, TV is better. If budget and viewing experience; both are your concerns, you need to spend a bit more and go for LCD or QLED TVs.

If you need a theatre-like feel with an immersive gaming experience and your other concern is power usage, you got to spend extra money at the start and get an expensive projector.

The answer revolves around your area of interest.

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