How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

  • on April 22, 2022
How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

In today’s world of modernism, individuals are concerned with minor matters. For instance, what if you’re concerned about How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use?

When purchasing a gaming laptop, the following question arises: how many watts does a gaming laptop consume? However, this is not unique to you; I have this question on a very regular basis.

Therefore, before purchasing a gaming laptop, you should determine how much electricity it consumes.

As a result, this piece provides an in-depth examination of the subject and several key points to consider before purchasing a gaming laptop. I’ll assist you in comprehending this query. But first, let’s establish a distinction between a gaming and a non-gaming laptop.

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How Much Power Does A Gaming Laptop Consume?

Assume I’m comparing a gaming laptop to a standard laptop. I discovered numerous fascinating things about them. A typical notebook consumes between 55 and 65 watts of energy. Simultaneously, a gaming laptop consumes between 160 and 185 watts of power.

Additionally, it is GPU-dependent (graphical processing unit). If I consider the kWh per year consumption of gaming laptops, the average energy consumption of a gaming PC is around 1450 kWh per year.

Additionally, when other laptop components such as the screen, RAM, SSD/HDD, WIFI, and keyboard are considered, the total consumption will be higher.

Factors that Affect Power Consumption:

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit):

When I discuss gaming laptops, I should mention the GPU, as it is critical to the power consumption of gaming laptops.

It can handle all of the demanding games that I have installed on our computers. To control challenging games, powerful GPUs are required, which consume more power due to the additional energy necessary to function.

Additionally, it protects the display quality of your laptop. If your laptop’s primary purpose is to browse the internet and run spreadsheets, you can get away with a lower-end graphics card that consumes less power.

As a result, the sort of work performed by a GPU impacts its performance. As a result of its weight, it will cause your laptop to consume more watts. If it is not, it can operate safely at low voltage.

A virtue card enhances illustrations and assists the computer in the running more smoothly but requires higher power.

The following graph illustrates how much electricity certain graphics cards consume concerning their performance.

Low-end graphics card 28-85 watts mid-range graphics card 108-165 watts. High-end graphics card 165-260 watts.

HD+, 2K, and 4K Screen Resolutions:

Additionally, screen resolution has a significant impact on power consumption. Further, you must place a premium on it while purchasing a gaming laptop.

Typically, gaming laptops come with a 1080p HD, 2k, 4k, or 8K display.

As the screen display becomes more significant, it consumes more power. A laptop with a 16-inch screen typically consumes between 60 and 70 watts per hour. If you get a computer with a larger screen, the wattage will climb to 100 to 150 watts each hour.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

The (CPU) is the computer’s brain, including all the circuitry required to process inputs, outputs, and data storage. The CPU operates indefinitely by the computer’s instructions, which specify which data to process and how to process it. Without a CPU, a computer is incomprehensible.

A CPU consumes approximately the same power per hour as a standard light bulb. However, gaming laptops equipped with Pentium-type processors consume about 100 kWh.


Adapters enable the connection of a peripheral device with a single plug to a different jack on the laptop. Adapters are frequently used to connect modern devices to a legacy port on an old dock.

The more advanced your laptop, the more influential its adapter must be.

If you want to elevate your laptop, keep this in mind. As with anything else, ensure that whatever you install is compatible with your laptop’s power supply.


Ram consumes electricity as well. When the RAM is being destroyed excessively by apps or services attempting to operate concurrently, It may force the system to kill some of them. Even numerous times per second, and resume them as soon as something else requires it. That is the consequence of consuming a large number of CPU cycles and, as a result, some battery capacity.

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