The Stranger Things Pinball Machine Has a Hidden Projector

  • on February 20, 2023
The Stranger Things Pinball Machine Has a Hidden Projector

Are you curious about The Stranger Things Pinball Machine Has a Hidden Projector? Pinball machines, a seemingly archaic form of entertainment, are still thriving despite mobile devices in our pockets that deliver arcade-quality graphics whenever you need a gaming fix, in part because of businesses like Stern Pinball, whose Stranger Things table introduces new features like video projections and a cunning ball trap inspired by Eleven’s telekinetic abilities.

A pinball machine is a physical experience that cannot be duplicated by the most advanced game system or giant TV screen. The table will shake and vibrate under your palms and fingers as they rest on the flipper buttons, along with the mechanical and electronic sounds, hypnotic flashing lights, and unpredictable movements of that shining metal ball. Although finding an arcade with top-notch pinball machines may require a bit more searching, it is a riveting experience that is well worth seeking.

These days, themed pinball machines are more prevalent; if you browse Stern’s catalog, you’ll find tables inspired by series like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Yet, given that the Netflix series is set when pinball machines were still the most popular arcade game, Stranger Things feels especially pertinent. Yet, Stern has incorporated some of the most cutting-edge technology ever put into a pinball machine for their Stranger Things table, even though the program takes place in the 1980s.

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The Pinball Machine Has a Hidden Projector? 

Yes The Pinball Machine Has a Hidden Projector. Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition varieties of the table will all be offered to start in the next year, although the latter two will offer the most distinctive experience. The Stranger Things machine includes custom animations and clips from the series that are displayed using a hidden projector on what appears to be a small drive-in movie screen in the middle of the table, in addition to ramps, pop-up obstacles, spinners, and all the interactive table elements that are common these days. Also, the screen’s center collapses like a drawbridge on a castle, forming a ramp that causes balls to fly into an animated Demogorgon that appears behind it. Yes, pinball machines now have boss fights.

Eleven from Stranger Things also has a significant role in Stern’s new device. The table has a secret electromagnet that mimics Eleven’s eerie telekinetic abilities by grasping and holding onto numerous balls before simultaneously releasing them, forcing players to react quickly to a group of balls moving down the table at once. For fans of Stranger Things, all-new machines sound like the ultimate treasures. Still, if you’re interested, it will help your budget if you also own an arcade that will provide you with a consistent return on your investment every quarter. The prices for the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition pinball machines from Stranger Things are $6,099, $7,699, and $9,099, respectively. That could cover the cost of several summers at Camp Nowhere.

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