How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall Without Magnifying Glass?

  • on January 16, 2023
How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall Without Magnifying Glass

How to project mobile screen on wall without magnifying glass? Have you ever felt that your TV is too small or hard to see? Then read this post because it contains crucial information about how to deal with this scenario. A projector’s main function is to enlarge and modify small images to be visible. You can accomplish this without necessarily purchasing one. Although manufactured projectors contain cutting-edge technology, they are expensive.

What if I told you there were creative ways to create a projector out of the old things you already have around the house? Let’s begin straight away. Today, we look at various methods for building projectors without needing a magnifying glass. Making a glass bulb into a projector for a smartphone

What supplies are required?

Don’t forget to get the necessary materials:

  • A phone stand for smartphones
  • Bulb
  • a covered shoebox
  • Water
  • Bottle cap
  • Pen/pencil
  • razor blades or shears
  • adhesive or tape

The materials on the above list are available right away. As long as you carefully follow the instructions, they also work. Making a smartphone projector without a magnifying glass involves only a few simple steps. 

The following lists them.

  1. Put together all of the requirements. Make sure you have these items on your work table because they are easily found at home.
  2. The tiny bulb cover should be carefully cut using scissors or another sharp object. Remove everything from the container except the glass cover.
  3. On one of the shoebox’s small sides and another piece of carton, draw a circle the size of the bulb using a pen. Carefully remove the traced portion.
  4. Place the bulb inside the shoe box next to the cut exterior after opening it up. Turn the glass bulb over so that the opening we created faces up.
  5. Place the opposite side of the glass bulb on which you cut the other side. Please make sure the package can hold them snugly. To firmly attach them, use tape and glue.
  6. Fill the glass slide with water by pouring it in. Use a bottle cap to secure the bulb’s top. To make it tight and secure, use tape or glue.
  7. On the other, smaller side of the box, insert the phone stand. The stand ought to fit in there fine.

Finding a phone stand that will fit within the box is difficult, so we thought it would be more convenient to build a simple one that can move around inside the box.

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  • The stand’s function is to support the phone within the box.
  • On your phone, play a movie or video.
  • Place the phone inside the box and leave it there so that it can take clean pictures. Remember to turn your phone on its side.
  • The projector is nearly finished. Make sure everything is contained before adding the box lid on top. If the bottle top is longer than the height of the box, you can cut it out.

Remember that the bulb is closed with the bottle top to achieve the best possible light concentration for projection. You might also use cardboard instead of a bottle top to cover the bulb’s top.

How is the projector made at home operated?

This invention’s fundamental working principle is: You are focusing the light from the smartphone using the glass bulb filled with water as a lens to alter and create larger images. To get good photographs, turn your phone on its side. The benefits of glass bulb projectors over technology projectors are listed below. Both their construction and use are simple. Everything may be put together correctly in less than 30 minutes, and you are ready to go. Projectors manufactured at home are affordable. Construction may result in you paying nothing since everything is available to you. Projectors with glass bulbs are equally effective as the others. They create excellent, sizable photos.

The projectors are lightweight and portable. They are simple to replace. Both varieties are delicate, but the homemade ones are simpler to replace if you drop them. With the help of these projectors, you and your friends can watch movies and videos. Consider these helpful hints for building glass bulb projectors Find the ideal distance for the phone to be from the glass bulb before covering the shoe box. Find the position that results in crisp, high-quality photos.

Use a box with a dark interior, such as a shoebox. Use darker fabrics to cover the sides if the one you have is light, like white. This makes it easier for light to be focused on the glass bulb. Once the room is completely black, ensure your phone is at its brightest setting to create more and better-quality light. If you want good photographs, turn your phone on its side. Use a box of medium size. The contents might not fit in a small box, and light may not focus on the bulb efficiently in a large box.


Projectors that are constructed at home are a great substitute for commercial models. Despite having more customizable options, produced devices nevertheless function according to the same principles. The projectors are simple to build and operate and are effective. The article contains all the details you require to construct one. Save the cash and materials you would have used to purchase one. Why not acquire one right away, given how beneficial they are?

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