How to Write on Sugar Cookies With Projector

  • on February 13, 2023
How to Write on Sugar Cookies With Projector

If you are using an iPhone or an iPad or a laptop it may be different; you might need different cords so this article is specifically for an android phone. You can use one of your chargers to connect the USB part to be able to plug it into the wall. 

Google chromecast

Okay, so the other thing that you are going to need to buy separately is a google chromecast. It comes with a long USB cord; the smaller end plugs into the chromecast and the bigger end plugs into the charger that comes with it. It is going to let you connect your phone to the projector. So whatever is on the screen of your phone is gonna be showing on the projector. 

The USB cord

One extra cord that you also need to get is the USB cord and what happens is the chromecast is too big to fit into the ports of the projector so this cord allows you to connect your chromecast to the projector.

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The stand that holds up the projector

Okay now, let us talk about the stand that holds up the projector to point down at the cookie. You can get a cheap one from amazon and it is kind of nice because it will be able to fold flat and also adjust its height. Then underneath if you flip it upside down you will have a knob that you can loosen or tighten and then you can turn your stand either way. Then at the base, you also have a little knob that you can loosen, and that allows you to tilt the head down or more upwards, more straight, and then you can tighten it to keep it in place. At the very top, you have a lever that if you open it up you can move the head up quite a bit. 

Now what’s great about having a projector on cookies is that you can draw or pipe any design you like. It makes it easier and lets you trace on top of your cookie for people who can’t write free-handed or you know can’t draw well-handed- this is amazing. This is such a game changer especially if you are, you know, wanting to grow your business and want to take it to the next level. It helps simple things like drawing you know circles or certain designs or words to make them consistent across all your cookies-this is what you need.

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