What are Most Important Attributes for Video Projectors for Use Outdoors?

  • on March 24, 2023
What are Most Important Attributes for Video Projectors for Use Outdoors?

What are most important attributes for video projectors for use outdoors? Have you ever considered the crucial topic of what makes a projector suitable for use outside during the daytime? Not just when it’s nice and cloudy but more so when the sun is shining brightly. We have the solutions you’ve been looking for, and we’re prepared to provide the key to watching movies and TV shows and even playing video games on a huge screen during the day. After all, spring is almost here in the northern hemisphere, and summer’s not too far away. You’ll want to be outside to play.

There’s a persistent misconception that projectors may only be used in dingy, musty home theatres or stargazing while camping at night. That’s not fully true. Dark locations are preferable, but there’s no reason to forgo using your projector to have fun during the day. The key is illumination power and viewing conditions!

Brightness Matters

Projector brightness, expressed in lumens, is the most important consideration when picking a projector for outdoor use. As a general rule, the more lumens your projector has, the brighter the projected image will be. A light source’s visible light is measured in lumens. Lux units represent total illumination. A sunny day drenches us in approximately 100,000 lux. Hence, we can’t seriously argue that projectors can outdo the sun. Depending on your projection size, you will need hundreds of thousands of lumens to outdo natural sunlight. Such projectors do not exist.

The More Lumens, the Better

What are most important attributes for video projectors for use outdoors? It would help if you had more lumens—and we mean much more lumens—to project outside during broad daylight. Professional projectors can produce up to 10,000 lumens. Still, they are seldom portable or inexpensive because they are generally made for huge settings like congresses and expos rather than family movie afternoons.

It would help to have a powerful projector that you could take and put up practically anywhere quickly, but with at least 50% parity with a bright day. Hence, for sites with many shadows, 3000 lumens can be a decent place to start. Yet 4000 or 5000 lumens will be even better; these projectors are also fairly pricey.

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Tips for Better Viewing

For better outcomes, if feasible, choose darker days when illumination from the sun is minimized. Consider employing a portable projector on such days, depending on your local conditions. The very minimum you will need is 500 lumens, which is what decent portable projectors deliver. What are most important attributes for video projectors for use outdoors?

Time matters too. If 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. are ideal for watching movies, you’ll need extra lighting or be content with a partial view. We prefer later hours as solar power begins to wane if you can’t do the evening; better to do the hours just before sunset. Or early morning. It’s tempting to conduct a midday projection session, but it’ll definitely be more of a challenge.

Areas with greater shadows to shield direct sunlight are beneficial. Your experience will only be as nice if you insist on setting up during a sizable parking lot as if you do so in the middle of a wooded parkland area, where the trees help direct much of the sunshine. Alternatively, consider building a shelter or using other readily available items, like umbrellas, to provide shade.

Important: Choose your screen wisely. The finest panels are off-white and matte, yet an excessively matte screen will reflect light too much and reduce image clarity. What are most important attributes for video projectors for use outdoors? Avoid dark-colored screens; as such, “soak up” light. The most common solutions for outdoor viewing are inflatable displays, which frequently include just the right combination of screen color and texture.

Watching large-screen entertainment outside during the daytime might be hard. It is undoubtedly achievable with careful consideration of your projector, location, and viewing time. If that’s not your thing, you could always create a gloomy, musty home theatre!

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