What Size Monitor is Best for Gaming?

  • on August 4, 2022
What Size Monitor is Best for Gaming?

To answer any question, the key is to narrow down your queries as there is always another question within a question.

If you have anxiety like me, no one can get this better than you and if you don’t, I am here to explain, what’s the rush?

Maybe your question is, ‘is this monitor suited for me if I am the kind of person who likes to sit far from the screen’?  

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Or maybe you are occupied with the question that, ‘would this monitor be safe for my eyes if I am the kind of person who sits way too close to the screen’?

I hope it’s making some sense now.

Worrying about things is ok but taking it into an extreme level and making it irrational is not and that’s anxiety. If you are worried and have multiple questions regarding the kind of monitor you should buy, it implies that you are willing to get an answer. And I am here to assist you to get that answer before you get into that irrational phase.

The reason I mentioned anxiety was to relate that ‘multiple questions’ factor with it…however, I must repeat, both are not the same. But yes, if you are thinking that, ‘if I get this screen, it’ll make me blind or something’…again I can relate… 😉

Coming to the point, first I’ll get to the technical information.

Gaming monitors can go all the way from 22 inch mark to 49 inch. The standard being 24-inch mark is considered ideal with 1080p resolution; with 1440p resolutions, it is usually the 27-inch monitor though occasionally some people do use 4k and 1080p resolutions with the 27-inch monitor as well when it comes to gaming.

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The norm these days is the 27-inch monitor for gamers. Obviously gamers are the spotlight in this article yet I feel like stressing on them as they deserve it, come on 😉

For a better viewing experience, the 32-inch monitor being on the larger side is the master in this role, comparatively.

If you are into racing games, for instance, getting a monitor with a high resolution and extra inch mark would make sense.

The best monitor size for gaming is dependent on the kind of game you’ll be playing, the kind of posture you are most comfortable in as it’ll reflect your choice of either an ultra-wide monitor or a smaller one and also, if you are into competitive games a bigger screen won’t be appropriate. Not only will you most probably lose the game but the exhaustion level of your eyes; it’ll be intense.

So watch out for your health and your record (If there is any on APEX legends maybe) …I am a gamer girl you know.

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