Can a TV Antenna Be Wireless?

  • on January 29, 2023
Can a TV Antenna Be Wireless?

Yep, people, a tv antenna can be wireless. I mean, what is impossible concerning technology in this day and age except not being able to play a song on youtube while using another app? Let me know if that’s possible too. I will only accept answers that won’t cost me money đŸ˜‰ Anyways, back to the topic. 

A wireless tuner

There are several ways to wirelessly connect an antenna to multiple tv sets inside and even outside of your home. So whether your antenna is inside, near the tv set, in the attic, or outside, it might be hard to run a coax cable from it to where all of your tv sets are, especially if you can’t tap into the existing coax cables inside your home’s wall. This is when a wireless tuner can be very handy. 

How does it work?

I will be talking about one of the four main models. Each of the four wireless tuners connects to your antenna and then your home’s internet service. The channels from the antenna can then be accessed on a streaming device like a Roku, fire stick, or apple tv, and even select smart TVs. 

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Function as DVRs

All the wireless tuners mentioned in this article also function as DVRs. Beyond an easy way to connect an outdoor or attic antenna to multiple tv sets- a wireless tuner can enable you to try a better location for an indoor antenna. For example, you can put the antenna higher up in a second-floor room where the reception would be better compared to a living room on the main floor. A wireless tuner must be installed in a somewhat livable space. Please do not install one in the attic; it will get way too hot and overheat. I think a basement or garage or spare room is fine but please do not install one up in the attic. 


The wireless tuner I am going to talk about is the tableau. The tableau is one of the most user-friendly wireless tuners out there. Based on the reviews I have read so far, it is very easy to set up with very detailed channel guide information for all of your over-the-air channels. 

A dual and quad network-connected tuner

The tableau can either be connected directly to your modem with an ethernet cable or wirelessly through wi-fi. Tableau makes both a dual and quad-network-connected tuner. The tuners also function as a DVR if you add an external hard drive. A monthly subscription is not required for recording only if you want a two-week channel guide of home viewing and a few other features. 

Not to forget, the one mentioned in this article is just one of the ways you can wirelessly connect the tv antenna; there are more options as well. But I picked the best one as reviewed by others. Let us save the rest for the next time, shall we? See you guys in the next article. Don’t take it literally coz that is not possible unless some technology is involved ( video call stuff ). 

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