Can We Use Projectors in Schools to Replace Blackboards?

  • on March 1, 2023
Can We Use Projectors in Schools to Replace Blackboards?

Can we use projectors in schools to replace blackboards? In our cities, imagining a classroom without a black-and-white board may be impossible. Still, the provincial education department has started laying the groundwork for using computers and projectors exclusively to teach kids. Up until 2000, chalkboards appeared to be a standard in the classroom. After that, however, most higher education institutions switched to whiteboards and dry-erase markers. The pupils’ enthusiasm for studying increased thanks to the new, bright markers and sleek, white style.

Whiteboards were also used in most of Punjab’s public schools, which helped teachers pique pupils’ interest in their studies. The provincial administration now plans to use modern tools, such as computers and projectors, to usher in a new educational-age. Can we use projectors in schools to replace blackboards? According to a top source, Shahbaz Sharif, the chief minister of Punjab, is particularly interested in raising the standard of public sector schools to be consistent with best practices worldwide. The suggestion to install projectors and computers in the classrooms is being considered. He said the provincial education department would begin releasing funds for this purpose once the idea received final approval. “No funds have yet been authorized to introduce projectors and computers in the public sector schools.

Using a Digital Projector to Write (Digital Ink)

Can we use projectors in schools to replace blackboards? It has irony. Writing with a pen is the most challenging task for a computer. The most significant disadvantage of using a data projector is how difficult it is to annotate a text with handwriting. With an overhead projector, all you need to do is get an overhead marker and get creative with vibrant colors.

As teachers, we must refrain from writing, whether revising a piece of writing, making quick notes in the margins, or creating a diagram or formula. Can we use projectors in schools to replace blackboards? Digital ink is what you use to write on Word documents or web pages, and most software programs that come with a digital pen also let you save handwritten notes or translate your handwriting into text.

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We tried writing on our Word documents with an electronic pen (i-pen) that we purchased from eBay. It included software that allowed you to annotate documents and webpages that you could save and print (just like with an overhead marker).

If the handwriting had been better, it would have been ideal. Our initial handwriting resembled printing from Grade 1 at first. After much practice, it finally appeared as Grade 3 printing. The i-pen was an excellent tool for drawing or designing graphics, but it needed to be more accurate for handwriting in the classroom.


We had the good fortune to attend a school this past academic year with a SMART Board in the computer lab. Excellent technology, although learning that our handwriting was still sloppy despite using a SMART Board was a little discouraging.

Computer pens

There are various ways to write on your computer and data projector. It doesn’t matter if you’re considering a Tablet PC or a SMART Sympodium touch-screen for your computer display (I’m a sucker for marketing); the most important factors are how simple it is to use, how legible your handwriting is and how much the technology costs.

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