Do Waterproof Speakers Work Underwater ?

  • on August 16, 2022
Do Waterproof Speakers Work Underwater ?

Well, of course, waterproof speakers work underwater. That is why they are called waterproof. The answer is right there in the question.Let me guess. You are confused if such speakers work well underwater or are safe to use. I sense a few hidden questions in this very straightforward question of yours.

How do you set waterproof speakers to work underwater?

You might wonder if you have to throw waterproof speakers in the pool during a party or get them settled in beforehand. (See? Ayesha isn’t just a gamer but can read minds too. Be like Ayesha). I just felt like introducing myself to you somehow. Never mind. I should stop.So, back to the topic. To answer this question, I need to make a clear distinction.

Waterproof Underwater Speakers vs. Water-Resistant Speakers

You can let a water-resistant speaker float as it can resist water. But it is not meant to be submerged deep down under the water.

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Underwater speakers are not water-resistant but waterproof. Thus making it possible to be fitted underwater for how long you like.So the answer to your former question is that to set waterproof speakers underwater, hire a professional. It will cost a lot but will be worth it for sure.

Are they safe to use?

Yes, they are but again, let a professional do it because he’ll know what to do. . No matter how many youtube videos are available online telling you ways to operate an underwater speaker, don’t do that on your own.

Protection and sound quality

Such speakers built in a specific way keeps them protected. But the wiring and deciding on where to place them for a quality sound system demands a skilled person in the field. It is not only mandatory for a great experience swimming (or whatever you are doing underwater) but also for keeping you safe.

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Does every underwater speaker work the same way?

The only similar thing about every waterproof underwater speaker is that they work underwater. But the way differs.


A few underwater speakers can’t be submerged underwater for too long or might get damaged while the others can. There are specific kinds; you need to buy considering what you intend to use them for and the duration.

Do they work well?

It depends on the model you buy and the person placing and setting the speakers. If you are wondering about their performance compared to the ones which are not waterproof, there is a difference. But again, buy a good one. All is well.It feels like I have covered the FAQs part already. But something is still missing.

I haven’t yet answered what to look out for when buying an underwater waterproof speaker for them to work well.You had one question. And here I am to answer every further question within the answers. You’re welcome. ;)You need to check for the following features when buying yourself an underwater speaker;

  • adequate frequency response in the low, middle, and high-frequency ranges, not just in a single range
  • Go for a speaker with no minimum depth conditions so you can place them the way you like
  • Also, check the area your pool covers as a fair speaker naturally produces quality sound over a 400 sq. ft. area

That’s all for waterproof underwater speakers.

Have a fun pool party!

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