How Do I Get Crispy Skin on My Pellet Smoker?

  • on December 24, 2022
How Do I Get Crispy Skin on My Pellet Smoker?

To get crispy skin on your pellet smoker, you have to follow some steps that will be shared in this article. Let’s get right into it.

Put some avocado oil

So the first step suggested is to put a little oil on there. People usually use avocado oil; it has a real, good flavor to it and a high smoke point.

All-purpose rub

For seasoning what you are gonna put on is the all-purpose rub. Use this on bait for a base layer on just about everything. Sprinkle a little in there, give a little toss, not a real heavy coat. The second layer is the sweet heat rub so give it a little shake in there, nice little coating on all the wings. Give it a nice toss, a little bit more toss.

What are the pros?

I like this on wings because a: the sugar in here will give it a nice crust and crispiness to it, and b: it has a little heat in there which you will love for the wings. All right, once these guys are evenly coated, they are good to go.

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Throw them on the smoker

Now throw them on the smoker. The right-hand side of the smoker is a little bit hotter than the rest of it. The way it runs the sides is a little bit hotter which is fine with the wings.

Leave them for about 20 minutes

That way they will get a nice crispy skin on. Let these go for about 10-15 minutes and then check them out after a maximum of 20 minutes.

Give them a nice flip and put some wings over to the right

Give them all a nice flip and like I said earlier the right side is a little bit hotter than the left side. So some of these wings are in the center; put them over to the right. That way you will get some nice even cooking.

Rearrange them and then leave for another 20 minutes

So then rearrange them a little bit and let them go for about another 20 minutes, and check on the wings later.

The last step to get crispy skin on your pellet smoker

Then crank the spellcraft at 300 degrees; that is gonna help the skin crisp up. Crank it up to 300, and check it out in another 10 or 15. It will be done by then.

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