How Do You Get the Best Flavor Smoke Out of a Pellet Smoker?

  • on December 23, 2022
How Do You Get the Best Flavor Smoke Out of a Pellet Smoker?

What’s up with barbecue fans?

So you have got a pellet grill and you are not quite happy with the amount of smoke flavor you are getting in your meat. Today is your lucky day because I am going to share with you some top secrets to maximize smoke on a pellet grill. Let’s get into it. There are a lot of pellicle owners out there, a lot of new ones. Maybe you have had it for a while and you know the common complaint there is; I am not getting enough smoke flavor. So I am gonna break down the secrets one by one and I guarantee you if you follow all of them you are going to turn out some great food.

1: No Binder

Now if you have been smoking meat for a little while you have probably heard of binders and most times when you see someone preparing ribs, they are gonna use yellow mustard or oil or Worcestershire sauce or something like that. You are using something to help your rub stick.

Get rid of it; you don’t need it.

Everyone will tell you if you don’t like yellow mustard you are not going to taste it; you don’t need it. My little friend called water will help.

2: Go back to the basics

When you are using rubs that have got a whole bunch of little spices on there you cover the surface of the meat and it doesn’t allow the smoke to penetrate properly. You still get some smoke flavor there but you are not going to get as much as you can by just going back to the basics; salt and pepper.

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3: Step up your pepper game

Salt and pepper attract smoke so a little bit more pepper is going to go a long way to help pull some smoke on that meat. On ribs, if you use a little bit too much pepper on there and it is fresh ground it pops because they are not cooked for a long time. You are going to get lots of smoke flavor and you can add some flavor back with the sauce. If you want to get the most amount of smoke you gotta step away from the rubs a little bit here. Let the pepper do the talk.

4: Use a low temperature

So the reason why the pellet grill does not put out as much smoke as some of the other options out there is that it is burning a clean fire. With a pellet grill the more you increase that temperature the cleaner that fire is going to get. So secret number four is to use a low temperature to maximize the amount of smoke that your pellet grows going to put out.

5: If you are lucky enough to have a second rack, put your food up there.

What happens to heat is that it rises and smoke rises so if you put it on the second shelf, it is going to be in more smoke. If you don’t have a second rack, maybe get something to raise it a little bit and just help elevate your food to go into the smoke a little bit more. That is it. Hopefully, it is enough info to get the best flavor smoke out of a pellet smoker.

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