How Do I Improve Gaming On Keyboard?

  • on October 21, 2022
How Do I Improve Gaming On Keyboard?

Looking for the answer related to the titled question indicates how awkward and foreign a keyboard must have felt when you tried gaming with it for the first time. That is not it; it did not get any better with some time, maybe in your case, because you require guidance (you will get the much-needed info shared in this article, so no worries about that). A few pointers will be enough to start your gaming journey using a keyboard.

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1: The first improvement is dependent on memorizing the keyboard finger placements.

Comprehending where your fingers go will help you find your bearings when you reach for the keys further away. You want to establish muscle memory, so you don’t require to consider where the keys are. Being on a keyboard also offers you the advantage of being able to bind keys.

2: Start With A Slower-Paced Game

Learning how to use a keyboard is hard. Jumping into a fast-paced, high-stakes game results in mistakes and can be discouraging. 

3: Keep Your Settings Consistent Game-To-Game

At the start, we recommend sticking with one game. Learning to play new games while also figuring out the keyboard and mouse controls can be a little overwhelming. But if you desire to mix it, try to keep everything consistent.

4: Warm Up With Aim Training Practice

Experiment a bit with how your movement in-game affects your aim. Or how the distance from your target impacts how accurate you are.

5: Find An Aiming Style That Suits You

With a keyboard and mouse, there are different styles that you can use when aiming. On PC, there are two main styles: tracking and flicking.Tracking refers to hovering your cursor over the target as they move. That is perfect when you play at low sensitivity. You want to follow the target exactly wherever they move. Excellent if you’re using a fully automatic weapon.

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Flicking refers to moving your screen quickly and locking it onto a target. This style of aiming is a bit more erratic but extremely deadly when mastered. Instead of trying to follow the target, you quickly move your screen each time you fire at them. This only works with weapons such as shotguns, revolvers, snipers, etc. While being a bit more flashy, it can be fun to experiment with this style.

6: Get A Gaming Keyboard

Most standard membrane keyboards out there are horrible for gaming. They feel mushy, inconsistent, and have a horrible polling rate. It leads to a slower response time and puts you at a competitive disadvantage. That is why a mechanical keyboard can be the perfect upgrade for a gamer coming over from a console.


There you go; that were some tips to get better with a keyboard. Hopefully, the info shared will help you in your gaming journey.

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