How Does the Use of a Projector Influence the Academic Performance of Students?

  • on March 1, 2023
How Does the Use of a Projector Influence the Academic Performance of Students?

Projectors are one of the most wonderful inventions of modern age. Their uses are limitless; from business meetings to wide screens to even home cinemas. In academic field, projectors have long been considered a teaching aid, regardless of the age and level of teaching materiel. In the end, the question arises; how does the use of a projector influence the academic performance of students?

How Does the Use of a Projector Influence the Academic Performance of Students?

Quite frankly, this is a topic fit for a research paper. In fact, a lot of research has been done on this topic, so this statement is not wrong. Nevertheless, the influence of projectors on the academic performance of students can be discussed without delving into scientific terms.

An Interactive Learning Experience:

There is nothing wrong with normal description method, also known as lecture method. Except that it will bore the students to tears. And make them sleep. And give no chance to interact. Out of many ways to deliver the content material to the pupils, using a projector is perhaps one of the best and easiest one. Instead of just visualizing the pictures from the text books, students can see images and videos off of the internet. The teacher does not have to arrange a special experiment to show the working of a science phenomenon. A simple video of the same experiments from YouTube would suffice. And if someone cannot understand something from the available resources, teacher can simply pull up another material from the internet if connected.

A Lot of Material to Work with:

Only teachers will be able to understand the struggle of lack of materials for day to day class. But with a projector that has a stable internet connection, the teacher is allowed to step away from the limitations of traditional boundaries. The dependence on the white board, books and such things obviously decreases.

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No Imagination Required:

Do you remember sitting in your science classroom, struggling to understand how rainbow is formed? Or how fire can burn in different colors? Imagination can take you many places, but words are not enough to explain any phenomenon without any props. Projectors, in the experience of many teachers, work as one of the best and most convenient AV aids inside a classroom.

A New Method:

In the end, it would not be wrong to say that projectors have transformed the existing teaching methodologies, mutating into an entirely new method by itself. The easy access to many educational apps on the projectors work not just as and AV aid for the student, but also as a crutch for the teachers to cover up their deficiencies, and manage the time that would have been spent on white board otherwise.

Is Projector the Best AV Aid In a Classroom?

As much as we would like to say that, that would be a lie. Because it’s not about projector, it’s about you. Sure, AV aids, which include projectors obviously, can make or break your teaching process. But more than that, it’s your teaching skills that determine the result. As a teacher, if you are unable to capture the attention of your students, and do not understand the content material yourself, you would never be able to teach properly.

Similarly, if you don’t have any presentation skills of your own, you would never be able to influence the students in a positive manner even with a projector. So, in the end, the answer to this question, as well as the first one is dependent on you. if you are a good presenter, then there is no doubt that the influence of projector on students would be nothing but positive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question- What are the benefits of using projector?

Answer- Many, to be honest. But to name a few; portability, the option of customizing screen size, zoomed up images that many can see, eye comfort, and the value of the setup itself.

Question- How does a projector help students?

Answer- Projectors can help in the learning process due to their ability to multimedia visualization. It would be easier to understand the process of a seed becoming fruit through a time lapse video of the phenomenon rather than just depending on words and imagination. Similarly, an event in history would be easier to remember if seen in a video rather than just listening or reading about it.

Question- What are the advantages of using the overhead projector in the teaching/learning process?

Answer- We have already gone through them in the above article. But to add a few more points; projectors not only help to save your time as a teacher, it also allows you to change the pace of the lesson itself. Moreover, with the help of this device, it’s much easier to ensure that all the students can see the visual aids that you are utilizing.

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