How to Connect Phone to Non Smart TV Without HDMI

  • on March 4, 2022
How to Connect Phone to Non Smart TV Without HDMI

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie or a YouTube video on your phone but no HDMI cable? Well, I have good news! You can connect your phone to a non-smart TV without HDMI. 

Your smart TV is a great way to turn your dumb TV into a smart one. But, if you don’t have an HDMI cable or an HDMI port on your TV, you can’t just connect your smartphone to your TV and turn it into a smart one. You have to get creative. We’ll show you how to connect your smartphone to a non-smart TV without using HDMI in this article.

Simple. You can use an adapter such as an HDMI extender to connect your phone to your non-smart TV. It will allow you to watch your favourite videos and apps on your TV. You can even use the adapter to extend the distance between your phone and TV so you can place your phone wherever you want.

Ways to Connect a phone to a non-smart tv without using HDMI:

Method 1:

There are many ways to connect a phone to television without using an HDMI cable. The most common are composite and VGA cables. Composite cables connect your television to your video sources, like a DVD player or cable box, and then plug into your TV’s corresponding port. Most televisions have a Composite input, which allows you to connect your phone or tablet using a Composite cable.

Method 2:

Connecting a phone directly to a non-smart TV without an HDMI port is possible, but it requires a little know-how and some additional hardware. You’ll need a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable, and depending on the make and model of your TV, you may also need an HDMI extender.

The process is similar to connecting a smartphone to a TV with HDMI: you’ll need to adjust the connection settings. HDMI extenders are sold in length-coupled pairs, so if your TV only has an HDMI input, you’ll need the extender that matches the length of the cable you’re using.

Method 3:

Using an old-school RCA cable is one option. Connect your phone’s yellow and white RCA connectors to the yellow and white RCA ports on the back of your TV. Then connect your phone’s black and white RCA ports to your TV’s black and white RCA connectors.

Method 4:

Connecting your phone to your TV via the TV’s USB port is another simple alternative that does not require HDMI. Most previous ten-year-old televisions contain at least one USB port on the back or side panels. You can connect your phone’s USB charging cable to the USB port on the TV.

Most Easiest Way of Connection:

The easiest way to connect your non-smart TV with your phone without using HDMI is to use a Chromecast. Chromecast is a small device that you can plug into the HDMI port on your TV. It then uses your phone as a remote control and turns your TV into a smart TV. All you need is to download the Chromecast app on your phone, and you’re ready to go.

First, find your Chromecast in the app store or on Google. Next, plug your Chromecast into the HDMI port on your TV. Your TV should detect the new device and prompt you to connect it. If not, try ejecting and re-inserting the device. 

First step is to download the Chromecast app to your phone. You can use your phone as a remote control to control anything your TV can do once you’ve downloaded the app. You may use your phone to look for movies, watch shows, and play games, among other things. You may also use your phone as a screen mirroring device, which allows you to display photographs and movies from your phone on your television.

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