Is A Curved Monitor Better For Gaming?

  • on August 18, 2022
Is A Curved Monitor Better For Gaming ?

Preoccupied with specs like resolution, response time, refresh rate, and the like, buyers sometimes fail to consider another noteworthy aspect to look out for when buying a gaming monitor. It is the curvature of the screen.

So with that in mind, I decided to educate you on curved monitors. They have been around for quite a time now. It implies that their effectiveness had been under thorough exploration for a long time.

Pros and cons of curved monitors

Let’s consider the pros and cons of curved monitors for my fellow gamers. The primary attraction of curved monitors that draws gamers in lies in the assurance of immersion. And actually, this is not untrue. You won’t get a better immersive adventure than the one delivered by curved monitors.

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The curve is there to help create a more natural image on display by turning it around your field of vision. As anticipated, the condition is that you would have to have a monitor that qualifies for comprehensive peripheral vision in the first place.

How to get such a monitor?

You would need to buy an ultra-wide monitor. This aspect ratio has a handful of distinctions that stand out in its domain. What’s fortunate is that most curved monitors are ultra-wide monitors.


But before your conclusion, let’s contemplate the adverse stuff too. Remember I stated that most curved monitors come with an ultra-wide aspect ratio which signifies not all of them do. That is obvious for sure. But the emphasis I made is based on its significance. Anyone who had trouble using a 16 by 9 (aspect ratio) monitor would acknowledge the value of an ultra-wide monitor. Regardless, not even ultra-wide curved gaming monitors come without some drawbacks.

Disadvantages of ultra-wide curved monitors for gaming

You guessed it right. For starters, it’s the budget issue. THE PRICE. NOT AGAIN. Money is always a problem. I relate to it. The slight curvature will cost you a lot. Sometimes, I wonder if the added immersion is worth the expense.

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There are other disadvantages, too, you need to consider to decide if it will suit the kind of games you will be playing on it, besides the expense factor. One of the biggest concerns for gamers could be that the 21 by 9(aspect ratio) isn’t universally supported. If you are playing such a game not supported by the aspect ratio of an ultra-wide curved monitor, two scenarios can occur:

1: Either the image will be stretched to fill up the whole screen

2: or the edges will remain unused.

The first option leaves you with a distorted image.

Is there a way to solve this?

The alternative is gaming in the standard resolution on a 21 by 9 (monitor), which is a massive waste. Most games don’t support this ratio; how could it be ideal for gamers then? So, based on my research, you can’t say a curved monitor is better for gaming than a flat monitor.

But if you have extra money to spend, are a fan of immersion, and the games you want to play suits it, then you can. Other than that, as my favorite Simon Cowell says, it’s a no from me. (If Simon you are reading this, it’s Ayesha Shahzad from Pakistan, your biggest fan). Like he would read it ;(. I just had to try.

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