Projector for Teaching Purposes – A Complete Guide

  • on October 19, 2022
Projector for Teaching Purposes

If you are considering purchasing a projector it’s probably because you need a bigger picture whether it’s for business school or home use. But projectors aren’t all created equal; one that you’d get for a business might not require all the same features you’d want for home use so it’s important to get one that matches your needs. In this article, we’ll go over some information to consider when choosing a new projector.

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The size of the image you are looking to project.

The first thing to think about is the size of the image you’re looking to project. The larger the image, the farther from the wall your projector needs to be. If you don’t have at least 12 feet between the wall where you’re projecting the image and the spot you’re installing the projector.

Short throw or Ultra Throw?

You’ll most likely need to consider one labeled as a short throw or ultra short throw but those tend to come with a higher price tag.

Lumen Rating

Another factor to consider is the room where you’ll be installing the projector; the more ambient light there is, the brighter the picture will need to be. For this, you’ll need to pay attention to the projector’s lumen rating.

Picture Size

Lumens also come into play with picture size. As the picture gets bigger, it also gets dimmer. Imagine it like holding a flashlight up to a wall close up and then moving back. As you move back, the beam of light gets bigger but it’s not as bright when it bounces off the wall so a 120-inch picture will need a higher lumen count to offer the same perceived brightness as a 100-inch picture.

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The screen type

The screen type also plays a role here but all things being equal; this is a good rule to go by.


And just like tvs, projectors can have different resolutions, 1080p and 4k are currently the most common, and also just like tvs, the larger the picture, the higher the resolution you’ll want.


You will need to decide on audio. Some projectors come with small speakers built in and others come with bluetooth so you can hook up your own wireless speaker.

Ideal for classroom settings

These types are great for a classroom or business environment, or if you plan on using the projector outside where you might not have easy access to an audio system. But there are also models that don’t have either and will need to hook up to a wired sound system, so be sure to consider all the places you may wind up using your projector. Again, this is just a basic breakdown of factors to consider when shopping for a projector to satisfy your requirements.

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