Remove Phone Screen Without Heat Gun

  • on January 28, 2023
Remove Phone Screen Without Heat Gun

Hello beautiful people! I am back with another article disclosing secrets and tips that will save you time and money both. This article will help you realize that you have DIY tools you never knew you had. Yep, you can easily remove the phone screen without a heat gun- let us see how. 

The items needed to get started

  • a big enough frying pan to fit the entire device
  • a folded paper towel
  • a thermometer
  • a pot holder ( for holding hot items out of the frying pan )

Measure the temperature

Take the temperature of your stovetop and measure how many degrees Fahrenheit it gives you on top of the paper towel. Based on what I have read, 150 degrees seems like it will function sufficiently for softening the glue to pry open the device. 

A razor blade

Heat it for like 4 minutes (keep checking the temperature) and make sure that you have something sharp like a razor blade if the screen is recessed into the frame. But don’t ever use the razor to do the separating.  Once you are done heating it for 4 minutes, you will be able to remove the phone screen.  If one of your devices does not fit in the frying pan, there is another way to remove the screen. Well, a phone will fit but if you are using a different device of a bigger size, there is an alternative you can go for. 

Iron it 

The second method I will be sharing with you guys makes use of iron instead of a frying pan and this one is easier  .( comparatively ). 

Steps you need to follow

So yep, heat is involved yet again; you gotta turn on the iron to the maximum level and wait for it to heat up. The second step is to cover the tablet with a paper towel to shield it from scratches. 

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The time required

Iron it for some time, and you will eventually get the screen off the tablet. As for the time needed for this process, you will have to leave the iron in one spot for about a minute before lifting it with the suction cup. 

Honestly, the ironing option is better in terms of convenience, or maybe you disagree, which of course, you can. After all, what suits me might not suit you, but I am just sharing my opinion. ( even though you did not ask because I have to reach my article word limit 😉 Thanks for bearing with me till the end if you did. Hope the info shared answered your query. 

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