What Equipment Do Most YouTubers Use?

  • on December 4, 2022
What Equipment Do Most YouTubers Use?

So you want to be a YouTuber, you wish to shoot videos and make money. You probably started shopping for a camera but then you realize you’re going to need an SD card to record the videos onto and you gonna need a computer to edit the videos. And there’s probably a whole lot more that you’re gonna need that you probably just don’t know about yet. Well, I’m going to save you some time and give you the complete gear checklist that you’re gonna need to start shooting YouTube videos.

The first section

Everything I’m gonna talk about in this list is going to be broken down into two different sections; the first section I call must haves because these are things that you are going to need to start making YouTube videos.

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The second section

The second section that I’m going to talk about is going to be the essentials. These are things that are gonna make your life so much easier, they’re gonna improve your video quality and audio quality the most, but they’re not necessarily a must-have because there are workarounds.


So let’s start with our must-haves. Now number one is the most obvious; it is going to be a camera. Of course, you need to film something to post on YouTube, so having a camera is the number one top priority.

Get started with your smartphone You can get started with your smartphone, you don’t need to go out and buy a camera but there are a lot of great cameras underneath that $1,000 mark for shooting YouTube videos like the Sony A6400, and the Canon N50. Most of us do have smartphones laying around and you can use your smartphone to start creating videos and still get really good quality just out of your phone.

SD card

All right, number two, you’re gonna need an SD card. If you’re shooting on something like a camera and you’re not shooting on your phone, then you are going to need something to record these videos onto and so an SD card is a must-have.

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A cup of tea or coffee and then a tripod

You can see what’s going to be best for you because it’s going to be different for everybody but these are essential that you are going to use so much if you are creating YouTube content so let’s get into it. Number one is of course coffee, okay? It’s not coffee, but number one is a tripod or I’ll leave it to you to decide.

The kind of specifications to look for in a tripod

You might want to stand up and shoot videos and in that case, you are going to need a tripod that can raise high enough because cheap tripods are short. So if you are six foot or even like five, eight, five, and 10 sometimes they don’t even bring the camera up to eye level and that’s not going to cut it because then you get a really weird angle, you want your camera to be high enough to be eye level.


The next essential is a light. Now, no matter what camera you have, whether you’re starting on your phone or you have a camera like I’m using now, lighting is what’s going to make your image look good. I recommend starting with a softbox light and putting that right next to your camera. It’s going to give you a very nice soft light, it’s not gonna look harsh like someone is shining a flashlight on you and so having a softbox with your light is going to be a major upgrade for you.


So when you’re filming, you have one battery in your camera. Now you want to have one or two extra make sure that they are already charged up before you start shooting your videos and then when one dies, you can swap the other one in, and then you instantly want to start charging your extra battery into the charger so if the other battery dies you’re shooting a lot of videos, maybe you’re shooting all day long, you can just continue to swap these out and that’s gonna make sure that you never have to stop filming, if you have extra batteries, you can just keep on going.


Now that’s it for the essentials. It’s going to matter based on your work. If you need to pick up extra monitors or Gimbels or ND filters, you might not even know what any of this stuff means but there is a lot of stuff that you can get into with this whole video creation process and so that’s just going to depend on your needs and what you need it for. But when it comes down to it, you just need a phone to get started. Don’t let any of the equipment get in the way of you creating YouTube videos.

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