Which is Better For The Eyes, a Tablet or a Laptop?

  • on September 3, 2022
Which is Better For The Eyes, a Tablet or a Laptop?

Asking what kind of screen is better is like asking what type of pizza is healthier. You can go ahead with your question in a different direction asking which one of the two is comparatively less harmful. That would make a lot more sense than the former. It is not the tablet or laptop that makes a difference but the way you use the two.How you are using either of the two decides which one is better for your eyes.

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People use tablets more healthily!

Ok, this time, I won’t create any suspense. Considering how people use tablets in contrast to a laptop-I would say laptops are less harmful to the eyes.

How does proximity make a difference?

Now let’s get to the why part. Proximity is the reason; it is one of the primary causes of eye strain. The closer you hold the screen to your eyes, the more the focusing muscle in your eyes tense, and the more you’ll get strained. The more it stays tense it’s going to affect your short-term and possibly long-term distance vision. So the closer the screen is doesn’t matter the type or quality of the screen, the worse it is.

Am I supposed to look out for distance more than the screen type?

Yep, distance holds high regard. The distance between your eyes and the screen (of either your laptop or tablet) will determine your eye health. Suppose you’re watching content at a TV distance already much better because your ciliary muscle will be less tense if at least you have a laptop on a desk already, much better. If you’re watching Netflix in bed, where at least it’s an iPad on a stand at some distance, anything is better than handheld.

How can I check my eye health, and does the duration matter too?

To check how far you see before and after your screen use, you can experiment effortlessly in the following way. If you spend two hours watching Netflix on your phone, print out an eye chart, and hang it on the wall to see how your eye chart measurements compare before and after. You’ll notice more degradation with a smaller screen than with a larger screen.

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There is much more to life; look elsewhere too!

The issue is how much time you spend staring at the thing versus how much time you spend looking at actual life, enjoying it and looking at distant objects, and just not consuming the medium from your screen.

The bottom line is that closeness, distance, screen size, and how much time you stick looking at the screen in what way matters. If you take care of such aspects when using a tablet, I can say it is better for you too. But most people don’t do that hence my answer.From now on, promise yourself to get used to a healthier lifestyle. (done with the mommy talk) But such simple things that people often overlook matter a lot. They will make a huge difference, a positive one, of course.

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