Why Should One Not Buy LCD Projector Technology?

  • on December 6, 2022
Why Should One Not Buy LCD Projector Technology?

The titled question reflects that you have decided for yourself that LCD projectors are not worth your money. What’s strange is that you are asking me to convince you to not buy LCD projector technology. I will share whatever I believe you need to know about LCD projectors and then leave it to you to conclude if you should buy one or not.

3 LCD Projectors

All projectors using LCD technology use 3 LCD microdisplay chips with one for each of the three primary colors; red, green, and blue. These are often referred to as three LCD projectors. Note that the LCD trade group is called the 3 LCD group; the LCD microdisplays are transmissive in that light must pass through from the back of the display panel. It is similar to the LCD flat panel TVs, which use either an LED or fluorescent backlight located behind their transmissive display panels.

LCD vs. DLP projectors

In the past LCD based projectors suffered from higher black levels and a lower contrast ratio as compared to the better DLP projectors. However, significant improvements in both LCD projection technology and techniques like dynamic irises in recent years have resulted in overall performance levels from today’s better 3 LCD projectors being highly competitive with projectors within the same price range that employ the other competing projection technology such as DLP or L Co s.

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What makes them popular?

The best bang for the buck is often LCD when it comes to black levels; they also offer better placement flexibility with a longer range of lenses and lots of digital LED shifts. 3 LCD projectors frequently offer a winning combination of performance and feature sets that make them popular, especially in the mid-price range models both for business education or home energy.

Images from three LCD projectors

The technology results in L cos projectors generally being noted for their smooth film-like projected images. Well, images from three LCD projectors may exhibit a bit more noticeable sort of screen door effect when seen from particularly close viewing distances. Some projector manufacturers use their trademark names to describe their variation of L coast technology. And that is it for LCD projector technology. I wonder if, by the end of this article, you will decide whether to buy one or not because there are good and bad parts to every technology.

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