Are Projectors Worth Repairing?

  • on November 21, 2022
Are Projectors Worth Repairing?

Well, it depends what kind of projector you are planning to repair. I’ll go for an alternative way to answer your question. Only if you know of the kind of projectors worth having, will you be able to figure out what kinds are worth repairing. So let’s get started.
The best TV experience you can have in your home is not a TV at all; it is a projector. Modern projectors are cheap and bright and can fit just about anywhere. Here is everything you need to know about how to buy a projector, which will also cover the advantages and disadvantages of a projector.

Types of Projectors

There is a lot to cover with projectors so I am going to try to simplify it as much as possible. There are three main types of projectors for the home.

Portable Projectors

The smallest is portable projectors; these are typically battery-powered and not very bright however they’re small enough to fit in a backpack and designed to give you a big screen just about anywhere. If you want to have something to watch on a camping trip, say that is bigger than a tablet, these are great.

Home Theater Projectors

The next size up technically is not much bigger, but they are much much brighter. They are designed to work in a living room or other mixed-use space. If you are looking for something for the occasional movie night or just want a huge image for tv, movies, and games, some companies call them home cinema projectors, and others companies call them home theater projectors.

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At the high end, there are the big serious incredible-looking home theater projectors. These models are typically for a dedicated home theater room, their luxurious prices are justified with the best picture quality you can get plus they’re typically quieter than their smaller less expensive siblings.

Okay, so what do you need to spend to get a projector?

Portable models are typically under 500; the more you spend there the more light you get and typically longer battery life. For home theater home cinema models, the entry-level is about 500 projectors. For around 750, you can get an amazing projector that will work great in just about every room. Spending more gets you a 4k resolution.


Resolution is just one aspect of picture quality and the low-end 4k projectors which are just over a thousand dollars, have great detail, but not great contrast, or the color of some less expensive but 1080p models above one thousand dollars. There are diminishing returns. You can get projectors that look better, but you might need to spend three thousand dollars to get something that’s noticeably better.

Battery Size

There are a handful of important features to consider when shopping for any projector with portable models. Consider battery size; if you want to watch a movie and the battery only lasts an hour that is not great. Also, check what streaming ecosystem the projector has. Only a handful run the full android tv when it comes to home projectors lens.

Shift and Zoom

Shift and zoom might seem kind of boring, but if you have never had a projector before they can determine where you can place the projector in your room. Only a few projectors under a thousand dollars have lens shift, which lets you move the image vertically and sometimes horizontally.

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How does it help?

It gives you a wider variety of places to mount or place. The projector zoom determines how far away from the screen you can be or how large an image can be from a specific distance. Most brands will have a calculator on their website to help you figure out if the projector you’re interested in will fit in your room.

USB connection

Next up, if you don’t plan on connecting the projector to a soundbar or receiver and speakers, make sure the projector has a USB connection that can power a streaming stick.


Then there is hdr or high dynamic range; this is one of the key buzzwords in the tv world, and it’s making its way into projectors. Now, too, when watching hdr content, it lets your tv produce more vibrant colors with brighter headlights with projectors, for the most part, that is not the case. Most projectors, even those that claim hdr compatibility, don’t have the dynamic range or the ability to create wide colors to make HDR much if any of an improvement. So for right now, don’t pay extra for hdr compatibility. Some higher-end models can do a bit more than others but still not as much as TVs.


Prices between the worst-looking 4k projectors and the best-looking 1080p projectors are quite close. All the pros and cons are covered concerning different types of projectors falling in differing price ranges. Depending on the type of projector you have, now you can easily decide if repairing would be worth the cost.

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