NEC Projector Status Light Blinking Red 6 Times

  • on January 3, 2023
NEC Projector Status Light Blinking Red 6 Times

If your NEC projector status light is blinking red and that too 6 times, you need to first follow the instructions given in the troubleshooting section of the manual. It states that 6 red blinks = ‘lamp error‘. If this error persists, try reseating the lamp. At NEC you get a complete line of LCD and DLP projectors ranging from a 3.7 pal mobile projector to 3d ready installation projector all the way up to a 203 pounds digital cinema projector.

Lamp replacement

Today I am also going to talk about a few simple steps on how to replace the lamp. The only tool you need to replace the lamp in the NEC projector is a Phillips screwdriver. When the lamp reaches the end of its usable life temperature indicator on the cabinet will be red to begin with and for safety reasons please make sure that the power switch is in the off position, the power cord has been removed and that the lamp itself has had at least one hour to cool down.

How to get started?

To begin you will first remove the lamp cover or loosen the lamp cover screw; you will notice its captive and push inside the lamp cover. Next you will loosen the two screws securing the lamp housing until the Phillips screwdriver goes into a freewheeling condition. You will notice the two screws are captive and not completely removable.

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Removing the lamp housing

From here you will remove the lamp housing. First insert the lamp and for that you need to pay close attention to the lamp’s orientation. To secure this you will need to push the top center of the lamp housing and then secure it into place with the two screws making sure to tighten them properly.

Final step of installation

From here you reattach the lamp cover. So your last step is to finally tighten the lamp housing screw. Now that the installation is complete consult your manual for the correct procedure on how to reset your lamp powers.

Changing the bulb and filters on an NEC projector

If the projector is ceiling mounted, remove any cables and carefully remove it from the mounting brackets to work on it below.

What if the projector is not ceiling mounted?

If the projector is not ceiling mounted simply unplug any video and power cables. now loosen the screw from the lamp assembly cover; the cover is on the top but the screw is on the side. Now loosen the two screws from the lamp assembly. Simply pull the lamp assembly directly up and out. Place the new lamp assembly into the projector; push firmly to make sure the assembly is seated. tighten the two lamp assembly screws, replace the cover and tighten the cover screw.

Replacement lamp filters

The replacement lamp may come with two filters; a white corrugated filter and a gray sponge filter. To replace the white filter, locate the filter door and remove it. Remove the old filter and insert the new filter under the side tabs. Now replace the filter and filter door onto the projector. The same procedure is used for the gray filter.

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