How to Connect Phone to Vankyo Projector Leisure 3?

  • on December 31, 2022
How to Connect Phone to Vankyo Projector Leisure 3?

The screens of modern smartphones and tablets are large enough to allow for pleasant media consumption. How to connect phone to vankyo projector leisure 3? With screens large enough to accommodate a variety of activities, the two main ecosystems, iOS and Android, offer fantastic devices. Unfortunately, more is needed.

When it’s time for a meeting with potential clients, to watch a live sports event during the annual dinner with the extended family, or to enjoy a romantic outdoor movie night with your particular someone, your gorgeous Samsung or iPhone won’t be helpful. It’s possible that your 65-inch UHD TV won’t be adequate for any of these situations. You need to connect your gadget to a projector and raise the big screens. This article demonstrates how to connect your Apple or Android device to a projector whenever you require large-scale viewing.

How to Configure Your Android Device and a Projector for a Wired Connection


A High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port is frequently integrated into projectors to enable connected connections. A Mini-HDMI port on some Android handsets makes it possible to connect the device to a projector. You can purchase the appropriate HDMI cable for your device if it lacks this port. You can use a USB-C to HDMI adapter to connect Android devices to projectors if they have a USB-C connector, like recent Samsung devices. Most of the time, these connections are plug-and-play, meaning that all you require is correctly connecting the cords.

HDMI provides audio and video, so you need a single connection to connect your projector to them.

As most USB-C to HDMI connections won’t charge your device while in use, you’ll need to plan for the battery power if you keep the device connected for extended periods. MHL Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) is a new standard supported by some manufacturers. MHL cables are a unique kind of HDMI cable that lets you send video through the micro-USB port on your device. The ability to keep your device charged throughout the presentation is one advantage of using MHL to connect it to a projector. If you need help determining whether your device is MHL compatible, make sure it is by checking.

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How to Configure Your Apple Device and a Projector for a Wired Connection

Using the proper adapter cable for your Apple device is the best way to connect it to a projector. Since most iOS devices lack a conventional video port, Apple sells adapters that make it simple to connect to an adaptor. Lightning to VGA Adapter and Lightning Digital AV Adapter are the two choices. The first plugs into the Lightning connector on current iOS devices and connects to regular VGA video cables, while the second attach an HDMI cable to the device.

You may also find video cable adapters for your iOS device on the Apple website or Amazon if it has the older 30-pin Dock Connector. If you have a projector, you already know what kind of cable to use for connections and, consequently, what kind of apple adapters to purchase. But suppose you’re a busy professional who gives presentations at numerous locations using various projector models. In that case, it could be advisable to have both adapters use VGA or HDMI cords, depending on the circumstance.


How to connect phone to vankyo projector leisure 3? Once you understand the features and restrictions specific to your current hardware, connecting your Apple or Android mobile to a projector is a simple task. You can project your video files onto a large screen if the kinks are ironed out, and the appropriate hardware (cables and adapters) or software (apps) is acquired. When mirroring your screen in public, keep in mind to take precautions to prevent embarrassing situations. You only need to set up “Do Not Disturb” or comparable settings on your device before the presentation. If you’re using a wired connection to the projector, switch to “Airplane Mode.”

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