How to Make Curved Projector Screen?

  • on December 14, 2022
How to Make Curved Projector Screen?

You may have the enormous screen of your movie fantasies without paying a hefty price tag by learning how to create a curved projector screen. In minutes, a flat projector screen can be transformed into a curved movie screen. To enhance the image on your new curved screen, you might need to adjust the lens shift on the projector. There are many alternatives available, including WiFi projectors and projectors with short and long throws. The projectors that best suit your needs and way of life are those. To find a model that works, pay close attention to the throw distance.

What is a projector for a curved screen?

A curved projection screen can be made in a matter of minutes, and this screen style works beautifully with throw projectors with cinema-specific lenses. We have the ideal article to answer your question, “Great, but what exactly is a projector?” On the other hand, if your curved screen is fixed, you won’t need to know how to fix a retractable projector screen.

Making Curved Projector Screens: A Guide

When constructing the enormous screen of your dreams, keep technical considerations like trapezoidal distortion in mind. The throw distance of the projector should also be taken into account. Asking, “What is a portable projector?” is a great place to start if you’re looking for something simple to transport. Additionally, this guide will enable you to determine whether any projector is capable of rear projection.

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Your company may enhance productivity and meeting engagement even with just one projector. Determine the kind of screen material you’ll be utilizing in 

Step 1. A white polycarbonate sheet will do as long as you have a black velvet finish.

Step 2. Determine the desired curve for your projector model using quick arithmetic—Mark the dimensions, but not the projector screen fabric itself. Mark the wood instead so you’ll know where to attach it.

Step 3. Start attaching the flat screen to your wooden or aluminum frame border after marking the measurements. A projector screen frame can be built simply if you still need one. Think about the curved projection screen’s desired diagonal size. The sides of the polycarbonate sheet should be aligned with the measurements.

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Step 4. Make any necessary changes using your saw. Use your screws to finish attaching the sheet to your frame once satisfied with the results.

Step 5. Place the black velvet as a border in an even layer. To prevent empty areas on your curved projection screen, it is essential to fill in uncomfortable gaps. This will aid in absorbing ambiance light as well.

Step 6. It involves transforming your flat projector screen into a curved screen. Compared to the flat projector screen you are used to, these premium screens are much better. You may now watch your favorite movies with an anamorphic lens.


Question- Does the immersive experience offered by the curved display exist?

Answer- Curved screen displays offer a unique level of immersion. For this reason, movie theatres employ wider screens. Always incorporate one while designing your ideal home theatre.

Question- Is a specific projector required for a curved screen?

Answer- Actually, no. Almost any projector will function on a flat projection screen and a curved display. Use an Atmos theatre system for a better experience in your bespoke home theatre room.

Question- Will picture quality be improved on larger screens?

Answer- Yes, I am, generally speaking. Widescreen gives you a continuous image that fills your side view. An audience can enjoy a great viewing experience because of this.


How to make curved projector screen? In conclusion, it’s not that complicated. You need to know where to start. If you want an excellent place to start, check out the article below on making a curved projector screen.

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