How to Use Flash Projector RotMG?

  • on December 13, 2022
How to Use Flash Projector RotMG?

Welcome to the mother ship guide on how to install Adobe Flash projector for rotmg. Okay so let’s all be real. Playing on the main site; is fine, but it is not great. Not when you could have your separate window.

How to get started?

What to do is to search up or click the link in the description or TMG flash projector or Flash Player; it does not matter and then click on the realm eye wiki link. If it says realm eye, you are good; it will also be in the description. Go ahead and click over there now.

Install it.

The first thing you need to do is download it. Install the Adobe Flash projector. This guide is fine for most people, but I know the Adobe site is difficult to navigate. So open a new tab; it is the same as getting rid of that, and then you are gonna want to go down since these things are not what you want. You have to go to the sketchy part of the site and buy sketchy, I mean completely legitimate, and then you click on download the Flash Player projector.

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What about Linux?

This is for Windows, for Mac; it is going to be down somewhere for Linux. I don’t know why you are using Linux for realm but go down. I am assuming most of you are either Mac or Windows so let’s go with this one for Windows since I am on Windows 10. you’re going to get the file that says Flash Player. Before running this file, pin it to the taskbar since you want it, and you will have this white window that does not look very much like realm yet. Maybe there it does 800 by 600, but you see the file open; that is what you are going to use in a second. So go back to the realm at the God tab.

Location of rotmg

Find the current location of rotmg; you can do that in a couple of different ways. The easiest one to do, and this will work for most people is to take the realm icon, flash a spot link, and copy it. You can hit control V or copy like that, go over file open, and then you’re going to want to paste that link you just got and hit OK. It will launch a problem; another thing you can do if that does not work or if realm lets the realm site goes down, you might have to refresh the link. But you can copy this as well for the current version; this will update every time the realm updates realm.

Quality modification

I am assuming most of you are coming from the browser. So one tip that you can do now; you can go to view quality and change it to low and make it a little more pixelated or view quality. The medium I find makes it a little better looking than low, but with about the same frame rate and this will help you a fair amount with your frame rate, which is very nice for me when I’m playing on my laptop. You can also full-screen it if you want, but honestly, it is trash; I would not recommend fullscreen.

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