What Are The Most Important Specification of Laptop ?

  • on August 4, 2022
What Are The Most Important Specification of Laptop ?

Before I get to the most important specifications of a laptop, what needs to be mentioned is that you can never get a perfect laptop. Just as no human is perfect, every single one of us has some flaws, the laptops are no exception.

You can’t get an all in one product with every feature in a single laptop. Therefore, you must take into account your major requirement and what you intend to use your laptop for.

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This article will surely give you an idea of what to look for when buying a laptop.

The features that are the most important to look out for in a laptop are the following;

1: Display

It is one of the most important components of a laptop and comprises of four factors in particular that is, resolution, color gamut, refresh rate and brightness.

Starting with resolution, for starters, just know that 4k for a small screen is pointless and won’t work out doesn’t matter what you are aiming to do with your laptop most of your time.

If your screen is 16-inch or larger and you are professional, 4K could be beneficial for you in some cases but for most buyers, it does not help.

The best, however, is the 16:10 displays with 1200p, 1440p and even 1600p resolutions proved to be the best pick for bigger laptops.

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As for color gamut (the range of colors visible to the human eye), wide color is recommended and the brightness factor depends on the color panel of your laptop and also your budget as laptops with perfect brightness are costly, it’s near to impossible to get hands on such a laptop because of the supply demand these days. Considering the affordability factor, 300 to 350 nits of brightness is cool and you should not settle for anything less than 300 nits.

Finally, there is refresh rate (how many times a display can refresh an image per second) which is measured in hertz. This one factor is ‘gamer focused’ …all you gamers, better, keep this in mind, ‘the higher the number, the smoother the experience’.

2: Extended Warranty

I’ll suggest you to stick to what the manufacturer offered instead of paying extra amount. But yes, in the case of this one specification, the experience varies from one brand to the other. Reviews can help when considering this one feature.

3: Memory and Upgradability

Thin and light devices are impossible to upgrade these days while gaming laptops can be upgraded but not many people are comfortable with opening their investments and taking that risk

An ever major problem is how a lot of companies try to sell their base model with just 8 gigabytes of ram which isn’t enough at all. 16 GB should be a bare minimum, lesser than that would be eaten up with multiple browsing tabs (I do the same, it is ok) and apps running in the background.

4. Battery size

If your laptop does not last all day unplugged, what difference does having a laptop make because that is the major concern of every buyer who is either a student or a professional. Obviously, you can’t carry your computer and you need an unplugged device with you; that is when battery size comes in.

Other specifications that shouldn’t be left out are,

5: Plenty of Ports

6: Fast SD-Card Reader

7: Glass Track-pad

8: Good Web Cam plus Good Sounding Microphone

9: Pick the Right Keyboard (xps 13, 15 and 17 are my favvv…nvm)

10: Pick the Right CPU (personally suggest an i5 or ryzen 5)

Half the battle of picking the best laptop is won, if you list everything you need to use the laptop for on daily basis like for most of the time. Once you are done with listing your requirements, the specifications and features, I have stated in this article will surely help and you’ll know which of these specifications you can go without because again, you can never get all of these features in one laptop. It’s you who will decide. We are here to assist.

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