Can You Use a Magnetized Screwdriver To Build a PC?

  • on September 15, 2022
Can You Use a Magnetized Screwdriver To Build a PC?

Yes, I mean, why not?

It is not how I usually start with an article, without building suspense, that is. But a magnetized screwdriver is a tool you can not go without when assembling a PC. It is an obvious choice and one of the first things you should have in your toolbox. Now, let me give sound reasoning to make sense of my answer.

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Multi-bit screwdriver

Consider a multi-bit screwdriver (also a must to have); if you wish to step up the screwdriver just a little bit to the next level, the magnetic capability benefits.

Make sure it has a magnetic tip.

If you have ever sat there and screwed in all of the standoffs on your motherboard, you can make sure that the one that you have has a magnetic tip because nothing sucks more than trying to put that screw down in between that vrm heatsink and that eight pin eps power plug and having the screw fall in there and then here you are shaking it all upside down trying to get the screw out. So having a magnetic tip would allow you to set it on the end of the screwdriver, bring it down into place, and then start screwing it. Let me add some other things that will be a plus to your magnetized screwdriver.

Motorized Capability

Now one other thing you can do if you want to step this up and start taking all of the competitive motion out of it and giving your carpal tunnel is step up to a motorized screwdriver. By activating it, you twist the little knob left for reverse and right clockwise for tight and loose, but it may have a couple of other things built in; it can have a power tester. So if you’re testing a circuit to see if it had the power, you can see it’s got the little lightning bolt as a symbol. You can use this to see whether or not you’ve got power going through a wire.

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A wire cutter

But it might also have something interesting; a wire cutter. Let me demonstrate that one for you because that one’s interesting. So if you come on to have a built-in wire cutter, you can thread that through and push that down again.

Buy a set of side cutters.

Umm, I wouldn’t buy it for that purpose. It doesn’t work too well, you know. If you were going to be doing that, I would buy you a nice set of side cutters because what goes along with these side cutters are zip ties.

Zip ties

These are your best friends when it comes to cable management for pretty obvious reasons. So that’s what the side cutters are for so that you can snip the zip ties, can get all your cable management, not necessarily for cutting wires; I mean, there are not many reasons why you’d be cutting wires in your pc unless you’re doing mods and stuff. If you are reading this article, you are probably looking at some basics rather than being like I’m a power user and a modder. I still mentioned the points anyway because I thought they would help.

Hopefully, they did.

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