Can PS4 Slim Run On a 4K Monitor?

  • on September 8, 2022
Can PS4 Slim Run On a 4K Monitor?

Hello, people! Well, you are one person, but you know what I mean. Here, the vacation period is ending soon, and it sucks for us gamers. However, because I was aware of this one factor you are seeking an answer for, it was worthwhile till it lasted.

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Not exaggerating at all; when not guided in the way needed, you make the wrong decision to invest your valuable money in a faulty product. It is not like you will get your PS4 slim, PS4 Pro, XBOX, or anything on rent, and you can return it once you realize the mistake you made when you were misinformed.

Now, what makes it faulty for you? 

I always stress that a product or technology is not for you if it does not suit you and fails to satisfy your needs (obviously). This time, I want to highlight one other thing with the same level of emphasis. Sometimes, even when you buy what suits you, you are not informed of what it offers and how you can properly utilize it. And that sucks, too. Every single one of you reading my article falls into either of the two situations I mentioned; just guessing. 

So, can the PS4 Slim run on a 4K monitor, you asked? 

It can run but does not support 4k. Allow your gamer pro-Ayesha to elaborate (yep, that’s me). I will have to compare PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim to clear up this confusion. Resolution differs, that is it. If you are playing on a big TV (a 4k TV), PS4 Pro is pretty amazing concerning the resolution aspect. Some games run on 4k resolution only for ps4 pros; you will notice an icon on the back side of the game disc with the words ps4 enhanced, which implies that the game will execute better on ps4 pro, but exclusively for resolution; I repeat.

 It works fine but will display 1080p resolution.

 PS4 Slim runs on a 4K monitor, but there are certain games that it does not support on 4k resolutioon. The only drawback is the resolution. Other than that, it works fine. Yes, finally, answered; I thought I should end this suspense before you kill me virtually for delaying this much. 

More frame rates

 Other than the resolution factor, I suggest opting for PS4 Slim as it gives more frame rates and is better performance-wise based on my research and the majority of reviews. 

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PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro?

 I get it. Wondering if PS4 Slim runs on a 4K monitor directs your confusion between PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim. That is how it is for most buyers, I believe. So I will try to write regarding that as well. For competitive games like Rainbow Siege, Call of Duty, and Fortnight, I will say go for PS4 Slim. You don’t have to pay another hundred dollars for a PS4 Pro. Do you think the latest and the most expensive one has to be better from every perspective? That is not how it is. You can test it yourself for your satisfaction, but I don’t want you to waste your money.

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