Is GTX 1650 Good For Programming?

  • on October 24, 2022
Is GTX 1650 Good For Programming?

Why would any programmer want to use a gaming laptop and its equipment for programming? If you are developing games, it is probably a no-brainer for you that you want to test what you are building right. So, in that case, sure, get a gaming laptop.

But what about the other 99 developers out there?

It is unsure how many developers are not game developers, but I would guess it is the majority. So for the rest of us, gaming laptops are just called high-performance laptops. If you were another kind of developer, why would you want to use a gaming laptop if you are not doing machine learning or game development?

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So when the adjective gaming is used, most people tend to think and then jump to the conclusion that we are always talking about a super laptop that is expensive and noisy and so on.

Wide range of laptops

In reality, gaming laptops are a wide range of laptops; the top models, the super gaming laptops will cost around five thousand dollars and more, and then there are entry-level gaming laptops also that cost around maybe a thousand dollars.

Difference in Specs

Now they are not the same, not even close. Their specs are entirely different, but they’re all still gaming laptops, and there are a few traits that the gaming laptops offer that are common whether you use a high-end one or a low-end one.

These are the kinds of points that this article discusses today concerning programming so the first question is do you need to spend five thousand dollars on a laptop for programming? Not, unless you do unique stuff; you wanna have uh the type of machine for whatever reason that appeals to you right?

More expensive

┬áIn general, gaming laptops are going to be more expensive than non-gaming laptops so it all boils down to your budget if you have a larger budget then you can certainly opt for a high-end gaming laptop that’ll get you more ram, more CPU, and GPU juice, and it also matters what kind of developer you are.

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How much is required?

If you’re a web developer you probably don’t need anything more than an eight-gigabyte machine. You can’t go wrong right now if you don’t know how much ram you need and this is a really common question. Get 16 and get 32 if you can spare the extra change but if you’re asking whether you need a 64-gigabyte machine only get a 64-gigabyte machine if you know you need a 64-gigabyte machine. And get an eight-gigabyte machine only if you know you need an eight-gigabyte machine. Hopefully, the shared info will help you answer if the GTX 1650 is good for programming.

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