How Much Does it Cost to Fix Black Screen of Death Xbox One?

  • on February 4, 2023
How Much Does it Cost to Fix Black Screen of Death Xbox One?

Let us start this off with a piece of good news for you guys; you have multiple ways to fix the black screen of the death Xbox one. Yep, so why worry about the cost? Go for what suits you.  I get it- it must be super frustrating when you are playing a game and are close to winning it all and suddenly your Xbox screen turns black. But no worries; you will get the solution via this article. Let us begin with the methods you can choose from to solve this issue.

1 ) Restart the device / Return Home

The most common way of fixing the devices is to restart them. Restarting the device resets all the memory occupied and reloads all files in the working and ensures that your system works to its best capability. You can execute this by observing the steps listed below: Press the home button for a few seconds to power off your Xbox. 

Where to find it?

You will be able to see it at the edge of your Xbox. Now wait for 4-5 mins and then press the power button again for a few seconds. It will restart the system and hopefully fix the problem. If not, there are other two methods noted in this article that come under my best three picks. 

2 ) Quick Fixes

Some methods can serve as the first checks and the quick fixes for issues faced while using Xbox, and if these issues continue to spread, you can solve them by following the steps mentioned below;

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Get your console control

Press RT + Y to get your console control.

Offline mode

Set the console to offline mode.

Disconnect from Xbox Live

Ensure that you are disconnected from Xbox Live.

External hardware

Remove all external hardware connected to the system.

Switch off Xbox and remove ay disc stuck in it

Try to switch off Xbox and press the Eject button to remove any disc stuck in Xbox.

3 ) Using AVR 

Using additional hardware devices in your setup can help too. You can attempt to fix this problem by utilizing AVR (Audio/Video receiver) in your console.

Turn on the AVR and the console

Turn on your televisions and once video appears on the television, turn on the AVR and then turn on the console.

The input source of AVR

Turn the input source of AVR back to HDMI and then back to HDMI1 using the input button on your remote.

Reboot your AVR

Reboot your AVR and then press the console button, and the menu window will open.

Video Output

Navigate to Display and sound, and click on Video Output.

HDMI click

Then, under the television heading, click on HDMI. And that is all for the top three methods you can use to fix the black screen of the death Xbox one. 

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